Creative Living with Jamie: Nicole Piar

Jamie Ridler interviews Nicole Piar

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 This Week on Creative Living with Jamie: Nicole Piar

Nicole Piar is an artist, illustrator and author on a mission to awaken a sense of wonder, inspire wild flights of fancy and create a bridge between her inner world and yours. She received her BA in Art from Yale University and went on to be a professional illustrator for the last 10 years. Her magical art balances on the vivid intersection of intuitive visions, storytelling, and dreams. She is the creator of the Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck.

Discover More About the Nicole

  • Website: Nicole Piar
  • Oracle Cards: The Spirit Cats Deck (PS The one on the right is the one I pulled!)
  • Tumblr: Ghost Kitten Art
  • Facebook: Ghost Kitten Art
  • Instagram: @ghostkittenart
  • Pinterest: @ghostkitten
  • Nicole’s Free Course: Vision Seeker: This 13-day guided question will help you learn to use your Tarot/Oracle cards to know yourself, to make decisions with confidence & clarity and to walk your path with a purposeful heart and far-seeing eyes. It includes 3 audio meditations, card spreads, teachings, journaling prompts and creative exercises.

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