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Ginny Farquhar on Creative Living with Jamie

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Ginny Farquhar, sewing teacher & author

Ginny Farquhar is a sewing author and teacher who runs regular workshops and classes to inspire creativity and help others on their sewing journeys. She lives in Hampshire, England, with her husband and 2 teenage daughters and writes about her passion for living lightly and following her creative dreams on her blog She has co authored  and published 3 sewing books for FW Media; Sew Fabulous Fabric, Home Sweet Sewn and Sewing for Kids and has a passion for learning, being resourceful and sharing ideas.

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With Alice Butcher

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Why do you sew and what does sewing mean to you?

After our interview, Ginny and I continued to chat and she shared with me some of the beautiful and inspiring things her students have said about sewing. We realized you might like to hear them too! Maybe it will inspire you to start your own sewing adventure!

Question: Why do you sew and what does sewing mean to you?

  • “I sew because it lets out my creative side. I work in a fairly controlled and logical position and so feel somewhat stifled during the week. It gives me time to switch off from life and just focus on the fabric and the project. It really is an escape mechanism.” Natacha
  • “I get immense satisfaction from getting a flat piece of fabric and making something that is 3D, useful and fun.” Charlotte
  • “It’s just fun creating things that are unique to me. Having recently retired it is easy to feel de-skilled and sewing has reawakened and developed a skill I forgot I had.” Lesley
  • ” I sew beacause I love making unique clothes and it’s very satisfying after working so hard, to wear your creation.” Elise, age 15
  • “Learning to sew makes me appreciate the beautiful things other people make. It is exciting to think I too will be able to make the things I admire.” Claire
  • “I started sewing after losing my mother-in-law and inheriting her sewing machine. I had just had my first child and my mum sent me on a sewing course with the lovely Alice and Ginny. I totally caught the bug. I find sewing relaxing and challenging all in one go, it makes me use my brain and feel like a grown up” Stacy * ( Stacy has now set up her own sewing business making children’s products and gifts)
  • “Sewing has become somwthing of an obsession! I love it. It’s so satisfying to turn a piece of fabric into an item of clothing that is unique and that i can wear with pride. I find it incredibly relaxing and enjoyable” Denise * (Denise has been sewing for just over a year having had little prior experience and none of dressmaking. She has already made about 10 garments, so has definitely  caught the bug!)

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