Creative Living with Jamie: Courtney Cerruti

Creative Living with Jamie - Courtney Cerruit

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Creative Living with Jamie (episode 262): Interview with Courtney Cerruti

Lately I’ve been wondering whether there’s value in dreaming impossible dreams, and that’s where the conversation starts this week. It seems an appropriate question since my guest, Courtney Cerruti, is one of those creatives who seems to do six impossible things before breakfast! She and I talk about creative productivity, finding your own artistic voice and why it’s worthwhile to do things that are scary!

Maker extraordinaire, Courtney is an artist, author, collaborator and shop owner. Her books, Playing with Image Transfers,  Washi Tape 101 and Playing With Surface Design been translated into Italian, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. Courtney teaches workshops all over the country and online at Her work has been featured on Oh Happy Day, Design Sponge, the SF Chronicle, Instagram, The Jealous Curator and BuzzFeed among others. She makes something everyday

Connect with Courtney Cerruti

Instagram: @ccerruti
Shop: Long Weekend Store

Courtney’s Books

Playing with Image Transfers
Washi Tape 101
Playing With Surface Design

Courtney’s Special Offer for Creative Living with Jamie Listeners!

Click here to sign up for your  introductory month free with the Creative Living with Jamie discount code CREATE.

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