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Rachael Maddox on Creative Living with Jamie

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Rachael Maddox, coach and poet

Rachael Maddox wants to live in a world where the average person knows their magic, intimately, and lives from it, vibrantly.

A skillful coach and guide, Rachael works with brilliant creators, visionaries and world-changers to activate their can-do, know-how, and go-big energy. She’s also the resident coach of Hopeful World, and a teacher with The Courageous Coaching Training Program.

When Rachael’s not activating other people’s magic, she’s embracing her own: spitting poems on stage, dancing ecstatically, spending hours at the river tending fires, and lounging in silk nightgowns, shamelessly.

Her first book of poems is set to hit the shelves in Fall 2014, and her latest coaching program, Magic 17, is available now.

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Facebook: RealMagicLife
Twitter: @rachaelmaddox
Current Coaching Offering: Magic 17

Special Offer for Creative Living with Jamie Listeners:

17% off of Magic 17–a 17 day coaching intensive to activate your magic. Just head to, and when you write to Rachael include CREATIVE MAGIC DISCOUNT in your note.

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