Giving Your Dreams Wings – One Feather at a Time

Giving Your Dreams Wings
I believe in dreams.

I believe that little inkling in your heart is a dream seed answering the tug of life’s sunshine, aching to grow.

I believe that as you bring your dreams to life, they bring you to life too.

Your dreams are inviting you to be braver, sing louder, shine brighter.

As you give your dreams wings, so they will give you yours.

A Creative Living Activity for Dreamers: Today I invite you to create feathers for your dreams’ wings. Imagine each feather imbued with the magic that you know will help your dreams take flight. Today I know that my wings are ready for vision, positivity, showing up and taking action.

What do your dreams need in order to fly?

Feather Form

Download this PDF and Create Feathers for Your Dreams.

May you and your dreams take flight!

I Gave My Dreams Wings


The Give Your Dream Wings Blog Hop is a peek inside the process of how inspiring people make the magic happen. We’ve got some of the internet’s most inspiring bloggers sharing how they give their dreams wings – what they do that supports, nurtures and encourages their tender dreams to come to life.

This is happening in celebration of the new e-course of the same name by Andrea Schroeder of the Creative Dream Incubator. The Give Your Dream Wings e-course shows you how to nurture and grow YOUR dream, for free, in only 10 minutes a day. You do not have to wait until you have more time or money! To find out about the free e-course, and to read the other (crazy inspiring!) posts in this Blog Hop.

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