Caturday: Love Languages

We all have different love languages, including cats! For Shibumi, love is understood through play. When Justin or I take the time to throw her ball (again and again and again – and particularly up or down the stairs), she lights up! She runs over, purring madly, rubbing up against our legs in between each throw. This lively girl needs action and adventure to feel alive and loved! (Have you thought about your love language? What makes you understand you are loved?)

Escher and Scout are very close. Often we find them not just curled up with one another but connected to each other in all kinds of ways, including holding hands.

I have to share that for the first long while I really thought about finding Escher a different home. It wasn’t that I didn’t love him. He always had a special place in my heart. With his introverted and reserved ways, I wondered if he would blossom being the only cat in the house. Maybe that way the playing could always be at his pace and perhaps he would be more open to people if it was just him and them. But then I see moments like this and I think we absolutely made the right decision.


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