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When a Tree Falls…


The studio pauses.

On Tuesday I watched the big storm roll in, thunder rumbling, winds blowing and heard — crack — the sound of a neighbour’s tree breaking at its centre and crashing across three backyards, stopping just short of ours!

No one was hurt, thank goodness, but it will take time to recover. Our wires came down and so this will be a bit of an unintended online sabbatical.

I’ll be back as soon as possible and the podcast will return next week. I’m delighted to share that my guest will be creative icon Natalie Goldberg.

We’re Moving In Soon!

Moving In

Oh, my goodness, you’re here – and we’re just moving in! You’re getting the real pre-show behind the scenes tour of the new studio! I’m still running around our new home with delight, deciding “Oh, this is going to go there” and “Yes, that corner is perfect for…” Feel free to join me and have a look around. For now, you’ll mostly see wide open move-in-ready spaces but I bet you’ll also discover few treasures. I hope that you can already get a feel for the promise of this place and what a great home it’s going to be.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be here to say hi and welcome you personally. I hope you’ll come by and say hi and celebrate the new Jamie Ridler Studios with me!