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Find Inspiration: MoMa’s In the Studio

When I tumbled down a YouTube rabbit hole and found the “How to Paint Like” episodes of the¬†In the Studio¬†series from the Museum of Modern Art, I was captivated. Teacher Corey D’Augustine, artist, art historian and conservator, has a rare gift for clearly describing what he is doing and why. How many times have I ached for an art instructor like this? I hung on every word. Not only did I binge watch the series, I got into action, experimenting with some of the techniques in my art journal.

This series is a part of an online course, Postwar Abstract Painting, which you can take online for free . Plus Corey will be hosting a live Q&A on YouTube tomorrow at 3:30 pm EST. I believe the best way to be sure to see it is to subscribe to the MoMa channel.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!