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Introducing: I Made This!

I Made This JRS

Remember when you were a  kid & shared your creations with delight?


Maybe you even got to stick your art on the fridge for the whole world to see!


Let’s bring that joyful “show and tell” feeling back with…


I Made This!

What is “I Made This!”?: Each Monday here in the studio, I’ll invite you to share what you’ve made over the week before. It can be anything – a flower arrangement, a crocheted cap, a painting, a poem, a party, an outfit, a cake! Show what you made and tell us a bit about what the experience was like for you. What inspired you? What did you learn? How were you challenged? What did you love? And hey, if you want to share the inspiration, the pattern, the recipe, the kinds of supplies you used, we’ll all be the richer for it!

To Participate: Create an “I Made This!” post on your blog and add the direct link* in the Mr. Linky below. Be a sunbeam of love as you visit other makers, celebrating their creativity and sharing inspiration along the way. It would be great if you could also link back here as an invitation to other creative hearts to jump in and share. I’ve got a badge for you if you’d like to add it to your blog.

I Made This Badge

And please know, whatever you made doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful or even finished – though it might be. I just want us to share what we’re creating with our hearts and with our hands and to remember how much fun it can be to say, “I made this!”

Let’s make this something wonderful!

*PS A direct link is when you share the address for the actual post instead of just your blog (e.g. instead of just