365 Collage Journal Flip-Through

Collaging is one of my favourite mediums for self-expression and self-discovery. One year, I decided to make a collage each day in a journal. The idea was to capture the essence of that day in a visual form. I could include anything I liked, including mementos like subway transfers, movie tickets and wrapping paper.

I let the practice go for a while but when I rediscovered that original journal I was amazed at how powerfully it transported me back to those moments in my life. I have been keeping one ever since. Here is a flip-through of my most recent 365 Collage Journal.

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  1. jenniforsure says:

    Hi Jamie, I loved your collage journal and want to try it. Can you tell me where you get such beautiful images and quotes? What kind of magazines or other materials do you use? Also, I would love to know how you set up your camera to show the collage book. I am wanting to read a book online and show the pictures, but have been using the camera in my computer and that won’t work because I would have to hold the book up! Thanks for your inspiration and your beautiful, soothing voice!

  2. Rosie Grey says:

    And another question from me ;-) I do hope I don’t bother you too much by putting my questions all over the place…
    When you do your 365 collage journal, do you take out a magazine every day and look for the images that inspire you that day (apart from any snippets like receipts or choir texts)?
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful journal, Jamie!

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