The Studio Yearbook: A Seasonal Guided Journal for Your Creative Life


I am so excited to be able to share with you my most trusted studio companion:

The Studio Yearbook!

PS Don’t tell the kittens.

The Story of the Studio Yearbook

In January of 2017, I woke up with a start at 5:00 am with an idea, an idea that got me out of bed and down to the kitchen table for the next several hours pouring it onto page after page after page after page.

What found its way out of my fingertips was a guided journal, a journal that pulled together core studio practices, a journal that would hold in one place inspirations, insights and celebrations, a journal that would be fun to create and also serve as a beautiful, tangible reminder of a creative life.

I worked with it for a year. One Journal for winter. One for spring. One for summer. One for fall. I invited an alpha team to try it. Then a beta team. Finally, after a last round with some enthusiastic cheerleaders. Last year we released it out into the world and were overjoyed with the results! We’ve heard from people who are feeling creative for the first time in decades, who are dreaming again (or for the first time!), who are remembering that their life matters, who are discovering the magic in their everyday.

We know there is magic in this yearbook – and the magic is ready and waiting for you!

The Summer Edition of the Studio Yearbook is ready to come alive in your hands! I hope it will be your stalwart companion. I hope it will be your guide. I hope it will hold your memories – and encourage you to make beautiful ones.

Most of all, I  hope you will fill it with your creative heart.

Only then will it truly be yours.

The Summer Edition is Here!

The Studio Yearbook is a seasonal guided journal designed to support you in bringing your creativity to life.

Your Studio Yearbook Activities

Each season, the Yearbook brings together many creative practices that have been a part of Jamie Ridler Studios for years! Now you can do all of the following in one place:

    • Gather Inspiration: Feed your creativity by developing a practice of actively looking for inspiration each day.
    • Document Your Day: Foster a sensitive awareness to the details your precious life. Gather memories of your everyday to treasure for years to come..
    • Gain Focus: Discover the power of working with focus areas, priorities that reflect what is truly important to you.
    • Dream: Connect to the energy of each full moon as you collage an intuitive invitation to your dreams.
    • Practice Gratitude: Lift your spirit with a daily moment of gratitude. Let this beloved ritual remind you of what you hold dear.
    • Celebrate: Take checking of your to-dos to a new level by celebrating your achievements with gold stars!
    • Deepen Your Learning: Write your growing insights into your yearbook and create a book rich with your wisdom.
    • And MORE!

All of this in a simple, accessible fill-in-the-blank format that that can take as much or as little time as you want (or have)!

Here’s a flip-through of one of my yearbooks to give you an idea of what this guided journal is like.

Studio Yearbook Extras for both Print and PDF Purchasers

Video Lessons: During the week before the Summer Solstice, you will receive four instructional videos to guide you into creative practices that are central to your Studio Yearbook. The first one will introduce you to the daily practices. The next day will explain the weeklies; the following day, the monthlies and finally, the season. This will help you feel grounded and ready for your creative summer!

Live Kick-Off and Q&A: For everyone that purchases the summer Studio Yearbook, I will be hosting a one-hour live Kick-Off Q&A session on Tuesday June 25th at 2:00 pm EST. This will be a beautiful way to step into the new season and your practice! Plus, if you have any questions about working with your yearbook, you’ve got me right there to help. 

Facebook Group: It’s so inspiring to have a creative community! Every season the Studio Yearbook Facebook group has been a lively and encouraging place to share your questions and your pages! Be inspired by all the unique ways that yearbookers make this journal their own!

Ephemera Exchange (optional): After the success of last season’s exchange, we will once again be hosting a Studio Yearbook Ephemera Exchange! Here at the studio, we love ephemera – postage stamps, scrapbook paper, magazine images, book pages, you name it! These beautiful bits and bobs are perfect additions to your studio yearbook! This season, we’ll be organizing a swap for yearbookers around the world. Start gathering your paper treasures now! (In order to take part, you must purchase prior to June 21, 2019.)

BONUS: Guided Meditation! Purchase during the first week (between May 2 at 10:00 am and May 9 at 10:00 pm EST) and receive a bonus guided meditation that will connect you to a vision of yourself 10 years in the future!

The Studio Yearbook –  PDF Edition (Summer)

The PDF edition is available to order from May 2nd at 10:00 am EST until it’s time to launch the fall edition. But purchase before May 9th at 10:00 pm EST and you’ll receive a powerful guided meditation as a bonus!

Your Summer Studio Yearbook (June 21 – September 22):  The PDF version gives you the flexibility of printing and binding your book to suit your needs. If you want to check the cost of printing before purchasing, the journal is 151 pages plus a front and back cover. When you purchase the PDF, there’s no waiting. Your Studio Yearbook is available for immediate download.

Purchase the Summer PDF Edition

The Studio Yearbook: Summer Edition (PDF)
$22 USD

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The Studio Yearbook – Print Edition (Summer)

(Print Sale Now Complete)

Your Summer Studio Yearbook (June 21 – September 22):  Your summer yearbook is 151 pages of creative space ready for your input! Spiral bound so you can flip it around and write easily. A cover heavy enough to give some support when you’re writing but not weigh you down. Printed on 70 lb paper that’s thick enough to handle gel pens, regular markers and even a light coat of paint. Every page is black and white and ready for you to add your own colour, your own way.

Questions about shipping? Return policy? Check out our FAQ here.

Kate Chadbourne’s Story

Yearbook One Day Contains So Many Treasures

JoAnna McCue-Martin

Michele Fawcett’s Story

Tammy Mimms-Durham

Corinne Anderson’s Story

I’ve loved your Yearbook from the time you first mentioned that you were hatching this wonderful idea.  Once I actually had it in my hands in March I was excited beyond measure.  I printed out extra pages and taped them together so I could ‘practice’ those first weeks in March prior to the launching of Spring.  All the love and attention to detail you and your sisters folded in, made a wonderful idea even more fabulous.

At the end of June in 2017 I decided to sell my beautiful house in the desert foothills of Tucson and move to Florida to be located closer to my daughter and her two Littles… As you know from your renovation process there are endless details that go into a huge event like this…. Much of it is a process of self discovery (along with daily tasks that discovery leads to)…. By the time I had the Spring Yearbook in my hands, the house had been prepared, staged and was on the market in ernest…. Multiple showings almost everyday… The yearbook and my colored pens accompanied the dogs and me to locations for waiting ….. The whole journey of marketing the house, negotiating a final price, all the inspections and then the packing up and prepping to move myself, my stuff and my two dogs and two cats across country (to an unknown life ahead)…. It is all in the pages of the Yearbook…  It is remarkable how flipping through the pages allows me to see the energies at work in the whole unfolding.  Somehow looking back, those times of fear and anxiety are smoothed over with the perspective of time and distance, the ‘what ifs..’ are lessened to mere ripples on the surface of things….  Very powerfully, my meditations, images of the unfolding inner guidance, noticing where the support and guidance of the Universe flowed through and showed up in unexpected moments, events and places… Continue to speak with clarity and impact.  So the Yearbook continues to support the journey.

I made sure to get my order for Summer Yearbook in right away… So much was going on in preparation for the move (the movers arrived with the solstice!)… I wanted to be sure I had Summer in hand for the next chapters unfolding.  I was shocked when it arrived… Still with lovely enclosures and care lavished on it… But what was this plain, nondescript white gathering of pages I held in my hand???… It bore no resemblance to the vibrant document that was my companion all through the busy Spring.  Had my Spring Yearbook ever been this plain, this vacant?  Was it actually my journey through days, ideas, plans, projects that had transformed the white book???

Now, I’m preparing for August and looking back over the pages of the Yearbook that have accompanied my journey here… It is remarkable… Once again the Yearbook swirls and eddies with the flow of the journey to a new place, with the time of being receptive and quiet, with the soft magic of arising possibilities, of finding my way in a new place, a new climate, a new community…. I can see the crumb trail forming in those July pages…  The move has also been a time of being distilled to essences and either having a break from so much that had formed the patterns that I recognized as daily life or simply letting things go.  The Yearbook is so much more than a document of daily happenings, it has come to be a place that my unfolding adventure is reflected back to me, discovered in a whole new way and the journey forward is reassuringly steady … With each white page that awaits the next morning.

I know that the Yearbook is transformed in the hands of every person who has one.. Each a unique expression of that lens of life shining though to illuminate a journey.  I wanted to thank you again (and your sisters… I know how much they support the yearbook as well) for this availability of observing the miraculous unfolding in each of our lives.   I wanted to be sure you had more feedback on how your ‘wonderful idea’ has unfolded out in the world.

Amy Christaldi’s Story

Insight from yesterday’s Studio Yearbook: No one else is going to do the work that is in MY heart. Everything else – dishes, bills, even my job can wait. It’s really that important!

I had this insight when I first woke up and was trying to decide how I would use my morning before a planned outing with my sister and her husband. My diligent self was telling me that I needed to take care of the bills and budgeting or do various chores around the house. But I really wanted to start working on some ideas I have for a sign I want to create for my studio. All of a sudden I had the thought that if I wasn’t here all of those other things – the bills, the house cleaning, would get done without me. But no one would create that sign for my studio. If I don’t do it, it will not happen. That’s when I realized that doing my creative work – no matter how silly it might seem to others – is really important. It’s my contribution to the world. No one will remember how many times I did the dishes or balanced the checkbook, but they may remember the works of art I created or the words I wrote. That’s worth a lot!

So I spent my morning making thumbnail sketches and a rough sketch of what I want my sign to look like and had a blast. So glad I had a place to record this insight so I will remember it from now on. There is a time and place for chores and getting things done and it will all get done eventually. But my creativity is important to and feeds me in a way that nothing else can.

Sundeep Grewal’s Story

Laura Allen’s Story

Cathy Murrant’s Story

Rosie Grey’s Story

Misty Olsen’s Story

Julie Kovac’s Story

Michaela Harkins’ Story

Dara Dines’ Story

Sandi James’ Story

Dianne Dixon’s Story

Thea Nicholas’ Flip-Through

Esther Jansen’s Story

I’m having so much fun writing, drawing, colouring, painting, glueing (is that a word?) with my Studio Yearbook! There are also days I just write, think, write, feel, write, notice, write, fight with life, write, become aware, write etc, etc. … The Studio Yearbook is such a great way to help me see, to be mindful more often, to be ME more often and to make choices that suit me, nurture me, feed me.

Anissa Housley Wood’s Story

The Studio Yearbook has been one of my favorite organizational tools I’ve tried. I love the structure that manages not to be rigid. I love the freedom that manages not to be undisciplined. I’ve seen slow progress, organic and strong, emerge from my relationship to my daily Yearbook practice. It took two months, but I’m finally painting again! And that’s only one of the focus items starting to bloom.

Denise Kennemer ‘s Story

My Studio Yearbooks have changed the way I journal. I love that the yearbook can be anything I want it to be and mine has become a place where I dream, create, and capture memories of what’s important to me and my family. Before I discovered the Studio Yearbook six months ago, I found it difficult to incorporate art and creativity into the pages of my journals. The prompts Jamie provides make this simple and fun and now I use collage, color, and sketches (something I thought I’d never do) as well as words, in my Yearbook daily. I still rely on my version of morning pages to vent and release frustrations, and this leaves my Yearbooks free to become the memory keepers that I’ve been wanting to create and just didn’t know how. I’m so glad I found Jamie Ridler and her many studio resources!