Learn the Art of the Altar

Where your heart, your creativity and universal energies meet, the magic of the personal altar lives.

Join me in this 6-lesson voyage of discovery into the Art of the Altar.


A personal altar in your home can serve as a powerful energetic focal point, a place to gather your energies and be reminded of your connection to the powers that be.

Though altars are used in many spiritual traditions, what you create in The Art of the Altar will be significant and meaningful specifically to you. It may be simple or elaborate. It may be subtle or dramatic. Your altar will be unique. Your altar will ring true to you.

As with any creative act, when you draw on your truth and trust your voice, you bring your soul’s magic to bear.

On this journey, you will create your own personally meaningful altar. Your creative expression will dance with the energies of the four directions – North, South, West and East – and discover how they are connected to the realms of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  You will gather wisdom and materials from each direction and these will become the components of your personal altar.

The Art of the Altar Course Gives You…

Lesson One: An Introduction to the Art of the Altar We’ll explore how an altar can be a significant gift to your creative life. You’ll learn how to lay the foundation for your personal altar, choosing the right space for this energetic focal point.

Lessons Two, Three, Four & Five: Encountering the Four Directions – North, South, West and East Embark on a voyage of discovery with each of the four directions. Learn the grounding power of North, the fiery aliveness of South, the mutable energy of West and the fresh dawn of East. Create a connection with each of these energies to make them powerful allies in your life and in your work.

Lesson Six: Focus & Activate Activate the energy of your altar, imbuing it with a sense of purpose and belief.

Bonus Lesson 1: Tending to Your Altar Like a garden, an altar thrives when tended. Learn strategies for keeping your altar alive and meaningful so it can serve as an ongoing support for you and for your life.

Bonus Lesson 2: Traveling Learn how to make an altar wherever you are with whatever you have so that you always have access to beauty, meaning and focus.

A Guide I have been a student of these universal energies for most of my life and I am delighted to go on this journey of creation and exploration with you. I have experienced the magic that is possible at the intersection of spirit and creativity. That is what I want for you as you create and experience The Art of the Altar.


The Details

The Details

Format: This is an online e-course delivered through a series of video lessons.

Schedule: The Art of the Altar course is a 6-lesson course that is now available as a self-study program, allowing you to work at a pace that feels just right to your creative heart.

Lesson 1: Welcome & Foundation
Lesson 2: North
Lesson 3: South
Lesson 4: West
Lesson 5: East
Lesson 6: Focus & Activate
Plus 2 bonus lessons: Tending and Traveling

Supplies: This course is designed to be both personal and flexible. You will discover the components of your altar as you journey through the course. You will be able to use items you own or that you find in your environment. You are also welcome to invest in new additions, if you like.

You will need:

a location for the creation of your altar
symbolic objects (you’ll choose these throughout the course)
a camera (optional)

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler MA CPCC. Throughout my life I have found myself drawn to the intersection of art and spirit. I have discovered there is magic in bringing our unique heart to everything we create, whether it is a poem, a painting or an altar. I will guide you through this journey of connecting to the four directions in a way that is expressly you.

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