You’ve been standing at the luminous edge of your creative aspirations.

Isn’t it time to say yes?

As creatives, our aspirations often take us down the road less travelled. This can be exhilarating, but it can also be unnerving!

What if you had access to someone who has successfully forged her own creative path, someone who has helped countless others do the same? 

What if you had one-on-one access to your own creative mentor?

Are you aching to…

  • Start or develop your creative online business
  • Bring a creative project to life
  • Build your body of work
  • Share your work with the world
  • Transform from student into teacher
  • Brave living as the artist you are
  • Overcome your fear of being seen
  • Let art take up more space in your life

But you…

  • have no idea where to start
  • are overwhelmed by options
  • find it hard to trust your own instincts
  • are afraid of getting it wrong
  • get caught in the comparison trap
  • keep reading books/taking classes but not taking action
  • have no role models
  • are shaking in your boots

What if you don’t have to figure it out
on your own?

About Jamie Ridler

Writer, Artist & Creativity Coach

I have worked as a professional coach with aspiring, emerging and established creatives for 18 years and been a creative all my life. I’ve run a successful online business for well over a decade and have created many successful courses, as well as a much-loved podcast and YouTube channel. Most importantly, I have been able to make a difference in the lives of under-expressed creatives looking for their inner compass and the courage to answer the artistic call. It’s taken time, effort and wholehearted commitment to arrive here. On the journey, I have learned a lot.

This summer I’m offering to share that hard-earned wisdom with you. This isn’t a course. I’m not offering a formula. This is an opportunity to draw on my years of training and experience. Bring your questions and together we’ll cut through the knots and get to the next right steps. I will bring my coaching toolkit. Whatever I know, I will share. For this focused hour, I will be your creative mentor.

This Creative Mentorship Hour will help you:

What to expect when you book a Creative Mentorship Session

  • The Magic Begins When You Sign Up: When you book your session, you will immediately receive a collection of clarifying questions. This pre-work will help you hone your focus and ensure that we place our attention where we can make the most powerful impact during our time together.
  • I Meet You Where You Are: Once you have completed the pre-work, I will pore over every word. This is my chance to get to know you, your vision and your conundrums. I will look for keys and clues, asking follow-up questions as needed. This way we can start our session grounded and ready to roll.
  • We Enter the Studio: We will treat our time together like a sacred studio, diving into the work of creating momentum with inspiration, love and vigour. We will show up with all the wisdom we have and in a dynamic back and forth we will partner to discover your path forward, a path that feels just right.
  • You Emerge with Powerful Next Steps: You will emerge from our session with next steps rooted in the truth of our discoveries, actions that honour your heart, your pace and your unique road. 
  • You Take Flight: To support you in turning those plans into action, for two weeks you can reach out with updates, questions and to share celebrations. This is designed to get you into action right away instead of filing the newly found plans under ‘someday’.
  • Down the Road: Until the end of the year, you have an exclusive opportunity to book a follow-up session. If the going gets tough or you find yourself on another luminous edge, reach out and another mentorship session will be made available to you!

Stop waiting,
& wondering.

Say yes.
Make a start.
Create magic now.

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The School of Creative Magic.

Own Your Magic. 

I came to coaching intellectually ready to take my creative life to the performance level (in my case, querying agents) but was stuck on the actual doing of same. It intimidated me, sometimes angered me, and left me with a lot of doubt and anxiety.

After coaching with Jamie, I claimed my authority, no longer worried about the “gatekeeping” and subjective nature of the publishing world but convinced that this long-held dream of seeing my book in the world and finding readers who will love it WILL come true. I am stepping into this phase of the journey from a new position of strength: calm and grounded in my practices, more deeply aware of my own magic, and armed with practical tools honed and ready to hand when needed.

Jamie has a remarkable gift for meeting people where they are. She listens deeply and compassionately, asks amazing questions, and is full of magical ideas. She challenges you with such gentleness half the time you don’t even realize you’ve been challenged until afterwards. And she is the absolute Queen of reframing, giving you powerful new language to combat old, unhelpful messages.

I recommend Jamie without hesitation; her coaching is one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself.

Lorraine Thomas