Host a Journal Jam:
Create Magic around Your Table!

Hosting Journal Jam

All of us long for creative community.

We thrive when we are surrounded by other creative hearts, artistic souls who get us,  wonder-full people who are also inspired by a world rich with colour, words, images and ideas. 

We are nourished by knowing that we are not alone on this wild creative ride, that there are others who wonder and wander through this life looking for inspiration, creating from their hearts and dancing with delight.

You can create the magic
by bringing creative souls together!

The Story of Journal Jam

One day I was relaxing in front of YouTube (as you do) and watched a video that changed my life. It wasn’t a self-help video or an art video. It wasn’t meant to be motivational. It was a music video.

Watching a group of musicians jamming around a kitchen table moved my heart and I couldn’t figure out why. Was it the lyrics? Did I need more music in my life?

What I needed was to sit around the table in creative community!

So I dove right in and created the Journal Jam, a simple, warm and welcoming event that brings creative souls together. I’ve now hosted several of these events around my kitchen table with each of us playing in our journals,  having inspiring conversations and making magical memories.  

You can create magical memories too!

That’s why I’ve made this eBook for you!

How to Host a Journal Jam is the first in a series of Studio Living eBooks designed to support your creative life. 

In How to Host a Journal Jam You Will Find:

    • The 7 Essentials of a Journal Jam
    • The keys to hosting, including strategies for dealing with feeling vulnerable
    • How to set the tone for your Journal Jam
    • How to create the space – in any space!
    • How to invite your guests, including my personal invitation that you can use as a template
    • A complete list of supplies
    • What to do and not do at your Journal Jam
    • Journal Prompts to help you develop your Journal Jam your way!
    • And MORE!


Host Your Very Own Journal Jam with the Help of this eBook!

How to Host a Journal Jam
$10 USD