Dream under the Full Sturgeon Moon

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Welcome to A Year of Dreams:
A Series of Magical Full Moon Dreamboard Workshops

For years I have hosted a dreamboard circle here at Jamie Ridler Studios, a sacred space for dreaming under the influence of each of the full moons throughout the year. Creating a dreamboard with the full moon tunes you into your inner compass, guides you through the rhythms of the seasons and focuses your heart on the true north of your dreams.

Create a Dreamboard

What is a dreamboard and why would I want to make one?

Creating a dreamboard is a simple, magical creative act that invites more of what you desire into your life while serving as a powerful tool of self-reflection. Using the simple tools of journaling and collage, in each Full Moon Dreamboard workshop I guide you through a deep transformative process of dream discovery and creation. You will encounter your spirit in new ways, connect to the power of your dreams and develop your powers of intention and intuition as you practice the art of dreamboarding the Studio Way.

Full Moon Jamie Ridler Studios

Dreaming and The Moon

Dreaming in tandem with the phases of the moon helps us deepen our practice, learning the lessons of each moon and developing our Year of Dreams.

Each dreamboard workshop guides you through creating your dreamboard under the specific influence of the upcoming Full Moon (e.g. Full Snow Moon, Full Worm Moon, Full Pink Moon). Every monthly offering will include not only the moon-specific workshop but also the How to Make a Dreamboard the Studio Way lesson so that we are all creating in the same context and on the same sacred ground. Once you’ve registered for your workshop, you will have access to it for the lifetime of this offering at the studio. You can return again and again under this full moon to connect to your dreams.

Each Full Moon brings with it a specific focus, a guiding light for your dreams.

The Full Sturgeon Moon asks,

“What does your intuition say about your dreams?”

That is the question we will be focusing on for this workshop. From the moment you arrive, that question will start to steep in your heart. Clues will begin to bubble as you gather your materials, holding the question in your heart. As you step into the creative process, you will start to engage with your dreams. When you enter the circle with the Full Moon, you will have the opportunity to discover the messages she has for you. In that moment, you will create a dreamboard that will become a manifestation magnet and will also serve as a reflecting pool, helping you discover the dreams in your heart – and the parts of yourself – that want to emerge.

In every Full Moon Dreamboard Workshop, you receive

  Welcome Package
When you register, you will have received a welcome package that introduces you to the Full Moon and provides a list of the components of the workshop, gives you a sense of timing and also a list of basic supplies.

  Welcome Video
A personal welcome video from me, introducing you to the workshop and inviting you into the circle.

  How to Make a Dreamboard the Studio Way
A complete stand-alone lesson on How to Make a Dreamboard the Studio Way, rich with magic, creativity, intention and intuition.

  Full Moon Dreamboard Audio Workshop
In this audio workshop, I take you on a journey to connect to the energy of this Full Moon. From that place you will then connect to your dreams in a deep and powerful way before embarking on the creative process of dreamboarding. Once you’ve made your board, we will journal our way to discovering the magical messages it has for you.

  Full Moon Guided Meditation
One of the most powerful aspects of the workshop is connecting to the magic of the full moon. You’ll receive a downloadable audio meditation so that you can visit with this Full Moon anytime.

  Full Moon Journal Sheets
To support you in the workshop, you will receive downloadable journal sheets, one to connect you to your dreams in this very moment and the other to uncover the wisdom within your dreamboard.

  Supply List
This printable supply list will make sure you have everything you need for dreamboarding.

  Bonus Lesson
Each Full Moon Dreamboard Workshop comes with a unique additional lesson designed specifically to deepen your experience with the Full Moon and to bring more of your dreamboard’s magic to life.

  Bonus Resource
A complete list of the schedule new and full moons for the entire year, including their names for both the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere

  Bonus Opportunity
Access to a dreamboard discovery session with me – at a special price!

  PLUS – Lifetime Access!
As a registrant of this full moon workshop, you will have access to this content for the workshop’s lifetime.

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Let the Magic Begin!

Registration is $40 USD

Love for Creating Dreamboards

I have long believed that visionboards can be a powerful tool for change, but when I started unwrapping all the goodies included in Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboard Workshop, I knew I was entering a magical realm. The meditations, guidance and journal prompts supported the process completely. The journaling after completing the dreamboard was just what I needed to interpret the message conveyed through the board – a message I am consciously and delightfully working with daily now! I look forward to repeating this process throughout the year to gain deeper insights into my changing needs. Thank you, Jamie, for offering this nurturing, creative space for growth. I highly recommend this workshop for getting in touch with your soul’s desires. Sam Tucker

 As soon as I saw the image that takes central place in this month’s dreamboard, I cried. I felt something shift, as though a key had finally been turned into the lock of a part of myself which has been shut apart for the longest time. Amy Palko

 This is my first time, and this practice was such a gift! It is so magical how when you give yourself over to a process, a practice, and open your heart to whatever arises, you receive so much love and affirmation. like the Universe whispering in your ear, “You can do this. You are loved. Let me show you your dreams.” Jill Salahub

 I thought my ability to dream was boxed away; I am thrilled that I can not only dream, but dream big. Joy

 Thank you Jamie for creating this sacred space and place and for holding all our dreams so tenderly. Susan

 I feel like my dreamboard reached into those core dreams that I sometimes hold back. Tonight, they are out and I feel WILD! Rae

 I see so many doors and possibilities opening up already as a result of the workshops and my dreamboard. So exciting! Sara Rae

 I feel power crackling within my own [dreamboard]. It’s amazing! Angie

 This was an incredibly powerful project. I have spent the better part of the past two weeks since the New Moon thinking about it, and collecting thoughts and images. But putting it all together and gluing it down — wow — such a commitment to myself that was. Camilla

 This helped me to start back to where I need to be, listen to my intuition again. Thank you. Anita

 This is exactly what I need to keep living intentionally. Thank you, Jamie! Ginette

 What a wonderful way to focus intention for the month ahead. I almost felt like working magic! Emily

 I found a magical message hidden in a bunch of random magazines! Amazing. Thanks again, Jamie. Elle

Ladies Who Launch Dreamboards

Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard Workshop

Gain intuitive insight into your dreams!

Let the Magic Begin!

Registration is $40 USD