There are 3 core components to a creative life in the studio: practice, projects & performance. 

It all begins with practice.

Your practice.



Developing a creative practice is the way we tend the soil for all of our dreams and desires.

It is how we invite in inspiration and how we assure the muse that we are ready for her arrival. Practice is what brings us home to ourselves again and again when we lose our way. It is the earth beneath our feet as we dance our way through our wild creative adventures.

Practice is with us throughout our creative lives, at the beginning, at the end and every step in between.

When in doubt, practice is the perfect place to start.


Who is this Creative Practice seminar for?

Emerging Creatives New to Practice: Creative souls new to creative practice who are looking for guidance about where to start.

Committed Creatives Ready to Renew Their Practice: Creative hearts who are committed to creativity but struggling with their creative practice.

Experienced Creatives Looking for Refreshment: Experienced creatives looking to reconnect to the heart of their practice with a new sense of energy and devotion.

You! Wherever you are on your creative journey, if you feel drawn to creative practice,  this class is for you.

In the Creative Practice Seminar, you will… 

Learn about Creative Practice: You’ll be introduced to the concept of creative practice and the ways it can support you and what you want to bring to life.

Find Your Why: Tap into the root of your creative heart and discover your unique personal why, a powerful key to a sustainable practice.

Discover Options: Discover a wide range of possibilities for your creative practice so you can begin to determine what would serve you best in your creative life.

Develop Your Personal Practice: Create a personal recipe for a roster of practices that will support you fully.

Learn “Stick to It” Strategies: The nature of practice is to be ongoing and that brings with it ongoing challenges like resistance, boredom, life’s natural disruptions. Learn strategies to support you in coming back to your practice again and again.

Learn from Other Creatives: Though this is an on-demand video course, you still have access to the complete discussion of the live event in which other creative hearts share their experience with practice – the ups, the downs, the questions and the celebrations. Plus you have email access to your teacher, me, Jamie Ridler, if you have questions are want to share you’re experiences. Though you’re taking part in this class in your own time, it doesn’t mean you’re alone! 


The Details

The Details

Format: This 90-minute online video course is delivered on-demand. Creative Practice was originally offered live as a part of the popular Studio Seminar series.

Schedule:  As soon as you register, you have access to the course. You can take part at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Supplies: All you need is something to write with and something to write on.

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler MA CPCC

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Also available bundled with Creative Projects & Creative Performance.