One of the bravest aspects of creative living is showing up fully and authentically in all that we do. It is through our presence that we shine our light not only into the work but out into the world.

It’s time to shine!



The concept of creative performance is thrilling to some and intimidating (even terrifying) to others. But before you get too nervous, throw all your preconceptions away. Performance doesn’t have to mean getting on stage or putting on an act.

Creative performance is about showing up fully and honestly, being present to the work and to your audience. 

Learning how to be yourself in these performative moments is the key to feeling at ease and discovering and expressing your unique creative voice.


Who is this Creative Performance seminar for?

Emerging Creatives Ready to Show Up: Creative souls who are ready to brave what it means to show up fully and bravely to their work.

Committed Creatives Looking for Confidence & Spark: Creative hearts immersed in their work who want to trust their own vision and voice.

Experienced Creatives Wanting to Share Brightly: Experienced creatives ready to infuse sharing their work with the same spirit of authentic expression they use to create it!

You! Wherever you are on your creative journey, if you feel performance is calling,  this class is for you.

In the Creative Performance Seminar, you will…

Learn about Creative Performance: You’ll be introduced to the concept of creative performance and how it can light up your work and how you share it.

Tap into Your Authentic Voice: Learn to trust your self and the work so that your performance will be real and unforgettable.

Tending the Performer: A significant body of work and a repertoire of powerful performances are created from the heart and soul of the performer: you. Learn the importance of caring for yourself so that you are available to your creative work.

The Cycle of Performance: Performing is more than showing up on the day. Learn the secrets of the performance cycle, from preparation to celebration, so you can step into the spotlight with confidence and success. 

Learn from Other Creatives: Though this is an on-demand video course, you still have access to the complete discussion of the live event in which other creative hearts share their experience with practice – the ups, the downs, the questions and the celebrations. Plus you have email access to your teacher, me, Jamie Ridler, if you have questions are want to share you’re experiences. Though you’re taking part in this class in your own time, it doesn’t mean you’re alone! 


The Details

The Details

Format: This 90-minute online video course is delivered on-demand. Creative Performance was originally offered live as a part of the popular Studio Seminar series.

Schedule:  As soon as you register, you have access to the course. You can take part at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Supplies: All you need is something to write with and something to write on.

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler MA CPCC

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