As a creative being, you know the courage it takes to follow your passions and be true to your self. Some days you rock it out, it’s wildly fulfilling and you know you’re onto something good. Other days you don’t know how you’ll get through, what you were thinking or what to do next. There are no signposts on this journey because it’s uniquely yours. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

As a creative self-development coach, I specialize in helping creatives align their life with their spirit. I take a powerful, intuitive and loving approach, encouraging people to embrace themselves and their dreams with courage and a sense of adventure. A certified professional coach, I also bring a background in theatre, movement and the expressive arts to my work, providing a unique perspective on self-development and self-expression.

I offer…

1-on-1 Coaching: Through regular coaching sessions, I’m here to help you create the life you want to be living and the work you want to be sharing with the world. (phone or Skype)

Group Coaching: Circe’s Circle is an intimate, magical telecircle that supports dreamers in bring a creative project – and themselves – to life.

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Jamie helped me push past the fear, pin down my thoughts and get started!

Before I began coaching with Jamie I had a lot of great ideas floating around in my mind but I was struggling to pin them down and actually achieve them. As a coach myself, I know the value in having someone to support, question and listen as I try to work things through. When I started my journey I was letting fear overwhelm me. Jamie helped me push past the fear, pin down my thoughts and get started!

Right from our very first session I realized that I was unconsciously splitting myself into silos – something I had been wanting to avoid. By bringing all the parts of me together I am able to follow my journey as a cohesive soul. I’ve accomplished some of my smaller goals like putting together a regular schedule for blogging and sending my novel off to friends for feedback. I also accomplished larger goals such as taking the big step of leaving my secure – but unfulfilling – job and transitioning into self employment as a coach. I’ve also taken on new clients and created a members only section of my site to offer exclusive deals, courses and action tips.

Life isn’t all about action though, it’s about learning as well. What I learned during the few months I worked with Jamie was that above all I must listen to my heart. It’s my heart that has lead me down this creative path. It’s my heart that loves helping and supporting others through their own journey. Although there is a time and place for tapping into my logical, thinking brain, it’s my heart that truly knows the path I’m meant to take.

I no longer feel overwhelmed and I’m able to continue to build my business as a career & creativity coach. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is!

Angie Richmond supports writers and artists through solution focused, creative coaching and creates vibrant art that makes people smile!

Angie Richmond

My Life Feels Bigger… and I Feel More Confident

If I were to describe simply how coaching with Jamie changed me I would say it opened me up. Where before my dreams seemed impossible or too big, now I have a sense of possibility and hope. Jamie is an unbelievably wonderful supporter of dreams and her faith in me lit up my own fire of faith in myself. That is a real gift, to have that level of unconditional support – it is so rare. So now, after coaching with Jamie my life feels bigger, more open and I feel more confident and capable to explore and create what I want.

Kim LeClair has been a shadow creative for the past 40 years but is finally deciding to come out into the light. Kim is In the Process of Creating her Dream Job….Creative Director of east willow studios.

Kim Le Clair
Kim Le Claireast willow studios

Working with Jamie has taught me… to dare more, risk more, and grow more in creating the life of my dreams.

Before I first started working with Jamie, I often found myself beginning to move toward a goal or dream, but whenever I faced internal obstacles I’d be stopped in my tracks. But where I saw walls Jamie saw questions. Jamie’s gentle, deeply probing and sometimes uncomfortable questioning led to opportunities for me to test those “walls.” There were plenty of aha moments during coaching with Jamie, and I came away with greater self-knowledge, and a repertoire of tools to tune into my own intuition and find creative and practical approaches that would work for me. I know obstacles will keep popping up, but through coaching with Jamie I’ve learned to not take them at face value. Long after our one-on-one work together, the sensitive inquiry and experimenting she has guided me through continue to impact my journey. Working with Jamie has taught me to trust my inner senses, and to recognize and value my own strengths and internal resources—to dare more, risk more, and grow more in creating the life of my dreams.

Helen Yee is an improvising violinist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Currently violinist for the eclectic string trio, Trio Tritticali she also performs on yangqin with Music From China. She considers the practice of improvisation in all its forms a profound teacher in art and in life.

Helen Yee

I Have More Creative Energy, More Magic, More Dreams & More Tools

When we started coaching sessions, I didn’t really have a project in mind. My dream wasn’t formed yet. I just wanted to bring more creativity and liveliness into my life.

I took the idea of the life that I wanted to live and started putting it into action. Jamie’s support, advice and great questions have helped keep me on track, moving forward towards that dream in action. We all need someone in our corner who encourages, inspires, supports, honours, and prods us. The person who won’t let us give up on ourselves and our dreams. Who honours our need for rest, but reminds of the steps needed to move forward. For me, that is Jamie.

There have been many bumps along the way for me and it is most apparent during these times the impact that she has had on me. She provided me with a safe, sacred place to hold my dreams, to feel vulnerable, to process my own inner demons so that I might move on and fully realize my dreams.

Over the time of working with Jamie, I have more creative energy in my life, more magic, more dreams, and more tools to honour myself and my dreams as I continue on my path to live my ideal life. Although my dream hasn’t been fully realized, YET, I have come a long way! Jamie’s cheerleading, provocative questions, and amazing listening skills have been instrumental in helping me get to where I am today, and where I will be tomorrow.

Glenda Myles at Myles Ahead Studio is a professional marketing strategist working to bring more creativity into business and make more ideas come to life.

Glenda Myles

 I can stretch into every spectrum of myself and [Jamie] can hold it all. 

Jamie has a dynamite blend of tenderness and fire. She asks the tough questions and calls me on the crap I hold onto tha tis sabotaging my growth. She also creates such a safe container to do whatever I need to do to move forward, and be whoever I need to be. I can stretch into every spectrum of myself and she can hold it all. And, of course, I love that she is also playful, curious and passionately loving. This is the kind of coaching I connect and thrive with.

As I write this, I am creating powerful relationships in all areas of my life. I am creating a career that is deeply fulfilling for me mentally, creatively, spiritually and emotionally. I am creating a life so pleasurable, so meaningful and satisfying that I feel so alive and grateful every day.

Danette Relic is a creative life coach and artist who cultivates beauty and meaning at Radical Creative Sanctuary.

Danette Relic
Danette RelicRadical Creative Sanctuary

Your life will change in ways you could not even imagine, letting you rise to your fullest potential.

Where would I be today if I hadn’t been coached by Jamie Ridler? Probably in the same state of anxiety I was in when I entered into my coaching sessions with Jamie. When I came into coaching my life and mind were a whirlwind of activity. My life was just stuffed with things to do and the overall feeling was that I wasn’t coping very well.

Jamie has the distinct talent of really listening. Along with this she really cares. She heard me and where the issues lie within my creative life. Within minutes of our first session she handed me the simplest suggestions, making a huge impact on my life. Jamie is warm, kind, compassionate, wise, all embracing and so very insightful.

If you have the chance to do some coaching sessions with Jamie do not even think twice about it. Your life will change in ways you could not even imagine, letting you rise to your fullest potential.

Jamie Ridler is a gem in this world and to all of us who encounter her.

Amazon best-seller Valarie Budayr is author of The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden and The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be released May 2012. She is the founder and owner of Audrey Press and the award winning website Jump into a Book

Valarie Budayr
Valarie BudayrAudrey Press

[I Learned] How to Step Back from Fear, to Breathe, and to Allow Myself to be Embraced by a Loving Universe.

“Where do I begin?! Jamie helped me get started on this path to becoming a full time artist. That was when I first started working with her. I came to our first phone call with a vague idea of what direction I was headed in. What Jamie came to the phone call with was an incredible amount of motivation, support, and an unwavering belief in me. She was exactly what I needed. She nudged me forward over and over again. She celebrated every single big and little success. She laughed with me and let me cry and helped me to open up space within me–the space I needed to make room for hope and growth and discovery.

Through both the highs and the lows, Jamie has been there every step of the way. I call on the things I’ve learned in working with her on a regular basis. Jamie has a gift–one that I am so grateful to have experienced. I can’t imagine a better coaching experience.

Working with Jamie has helped me learn how to take a step back from fear, to breathe, and to allow myself to be embraced by a loving universe–one that is always there for me, when I make myself available to it.”

Jessie Marianiello is a pet portrait artist and the founder of Stray Dog Arts.

Jessie Marianiello
Jessie MarianielloStray Dog Arts

Jamie Helped Me Tap into My Own Deep Feeling of Knowingness

“I’m not sure I could have ventured onto that playing field if I hadn’t met and worked with Jamie Ridler. She offered me so much wisdom and confidence. I hope I will always remember her words.

Her voice is lovely and gentle yet she presents you with powerful tools to contemplate, employ or ditch. One of my favorite and most often used tool is my ‘spiritual compass.’ You know that feeling when the earth is aligned and you know intuitively which direction is the right one? Jamie has helped me to tap into my own deep feeling of knowingness.

Jamie also helped me to articulate my fears in a what’s the worst that could happen kind of way. After voicing a fear, we would gave him an outfit. My ‘judgmental, you are not enough’ voice became Mr. Man in Black Beret, a judgmental, snide, academically brilliant individual without humor or light.

Mr Man in Black Beret has not been spotted within miles of me or my dreams. As for my spiritual compass, all arrows are pointing upward.”

Patricia Christakos is a photographer and artist.

Patricia Christakos
Patricia ChristakosP. Christakos Studio

Coaching with Jamie is an absolute gift and wise investment in yourself and your dreams.

Before I started coaching with Jamie, I didn’t own up the unquestionable fact that I am indeed creative.  The freedom and possibility that came from that realization alone was amazing.  After coaching with Jamie, I was able to start to build a base from which I could explore, dream and start to take concrete action to make my dreams become reality.  Jamie is so talented, loving, generous, insightful, wise and supportive.  She provides a fun, safe yet limitless space to explore your wildest wishes and deepest desires.  I am thrilled to report that I am well on my way to making my dream of being a solopreneur a reality.

I also had the absolute pleasure of being involved in Circe’s Circle.  What an absolute joy to connect and build with such amazing and supportive like-minded creatives and change-makers.  It was a magical and life-shifting experience.

Michelle Reinhardt is a seeker of joy and beauty and ease on a quest to create her most authentic blissful life and hopes to help others do the same.  She is fueled by the laughter of children, people living their dreams,  doodling and dancing,  live music, yoga and green smoothies.

Michelle Reinhardt
Michelle ReinhardtGlow Factor

Jamie reinforced the pieces that I know in my heart to be true

In our coaching calls Jamie reinforced the pieces that I know in my heart to be true, brought out exciting and fresh possibilities, and most importantly noticed those pieces I was just seeing in myself. All this unlocked opportunities to expand my work as we honed in on several things that are meaningful and exciting to me! Thank you from my studio to yours Jamie!

Dara Dines
Dara Dines