Jamie Ridler by Guinevere Joy

About Jamie Ridler Studios…

Jamie Ridler Studios is a lively hub for creative living. Step into the studio and discover a world of inspirational workshops, coaching, vlogs, blogs and the Creative Living with Jamie
podcast – everything you need to bring your creativity (and yourself) to life! Become a member and you’ll get immediate access to a treasure trove of creative gifts absolutely free. Explore the studio and let the magic begin!

About Jamie…

From her first business, laundering Barbie clothes, to the founding of Jamie Ridler Studios, an online hub for bringing creativity to life, Jamie has always been a creative with entrepreneurial leanings. Perhaps with her MBA dad and artist mom, that was inevitable!

Jamie’s heart and experience are deeply rooted in the expressive arts, from her early love of dance to her Masters degree in Theatre. As performer, she’s appeared most often as archetypes and icons with roles ranging from Imagination (aka Imogen Nation) and Papa Smurf to The Authoritative Voice and Sexual Desire. She’s created and directed shows that turned academic research into performance art and that interpreted the colour blue through rants and movement.

She lives outside the box.

Now Jamie channels her energy into online invocations to a more creative life, creating space and opportunity for each of us to discover and express our creative selves in new and powerful ways. On her popular podcast, Creative Living with Jamie, Jamie shares tips and strategies for creative living and interviews both aspiring creatives and rock stars like Julia Cameron, Brene Brown and Danielle LaPorte about their creative lives. She wants us to know we’re not in it alone. On Creative Living TV, Jamie makes it easy for us all to tap into our creative nature by sharing fun, fast and easy lessons on everything from discovering your rhythm to finding inspiration in just one minute. She also keeps the Jamie Ridler Studios blog thriving with creative activities, inspirations and practices, as well as offering workshops (in-person and online) and coaching to help people find the courage and confidence to become the star they are – in their work and in their life!

Jamie’s own creative life is fueled by adventure, whether it’s getting in the ring with horses in Sedona, daring to discover herself through painting or making friends with a neighbourhood stray affectionately called “The Interloper” – and she writes, photographs and blogs about it all! Recently, Jamie challenged herself to become a more confident traveler and has since been to Vancouver, Halifax, San Francisco, Portsmouth, the aforementioned Sedona, Paris, Avignon, Nice, the Kripalu Center, and Portland (twice)!

In a Nutshell…

Jamie Ridler Studios…

  • Is a courageous, safe place for dreaming and becoming
  • Is an inspirational hotbed of creativity
  • Is for square pegs tired of squeezing into round holes
  • Supports creative, authentic living for people who need that like they need to breathe
  • Is a place for you

I am…

  • a professional creative living coach
  • passionate about authentic living and creativity
  • a creative spirit & a creative blogger
  • Canadian
  • born to dance
  • in love with life
  • here to help you be the star you are

I believe…

  • The arts belong to everybody
  • In finding the courage to be who we are meant to be
  • In experiencing life
  • In celebration
  • There is room for you, all of you
  • Our bodies are wise
  • The world needs our gifts
  • That having fun and working hard are awesome companions
  • That life is sacred
  • In the Universe

I have…

  • my certification from the Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a designation recognized by the International Coaches Federation (ICF)
  • a certificate in the Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy from ISIS, Toronto
  • completed training in Body-Centred Coaching with Marlena Field
  • a Blue Belt in Nia
  • a Masters degree in Drama from the Drama Centre, University of Toronto
  • graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a combined specialist Bachelor of Arts in English & Drama and a minor in Anthropology
  • started the highly successful online book blogging group, The Next Chapter
  • created the inspiration e-pack of interviews with highly creative bloggers, Your Creative Spark
  • spoken about blogging at IIDEX/NeoCon
  • served as Artistic Director of an independent theatre company and for the Festival of Original Theatre
  • served as Creative Consultant on a film and several blogs
  • Directed, choreographed and performed in several theatre productions
  • performed as Papa Smurf
  • eaten an entire basket of peaches (and would do it again)
  • an irrepressible enthusiasm for life

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