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Welcome, Parents!

We’re so delighted you’re here.

We take seriously the sacred trust of ‘Giving a Girl a Journal’.  We know you may have some questions.  Here are a few answers to get us started.

Jamie Ridler
Director of Jamie Ridler Studios & Founder of Give a Girl a Journal

Give a Girl a Journal FAQ for Parents

  Who sent my daughter a journal? How did you get her name and our address?

Two generous givers and a band of volunteers who love and believe in journalling made it happen.

First, who are the two givers?

The way Give a Girl a Journal works is that each girl must be nominated by a champion.  This could be her aunt, her best friend’s mother, her brownie leader or soccer coach.  You get the idea.  Someone in her life who believes in and loves journalling put her name forward and provided the mailing address details. Along with the journal, we include a little note to let you both know who nominated her to receive this gift.

The second giver is a patron who sponsored the gift. We have an open invitation for people to become a Give a Girl a Journal patron (see more information on sponsorship here). Each contribution results in the gift of a journal, just like the one your daughter received, being sent to the next girl on our nomination list.  Everyone who contributes to Give a Girl a Journal becomes a part of our circle of support.

It takes a nomination and a contribution to ‘Give a Girl a Journal’ to get the process started.

And what about the band of Volunteers?

Give a Girl a Journal is a do-good initiative, not a charity. Every aspect of this project is volunteer-based.  From the creation of this on-line presence (including this page you’re reading now), to the purchase and wrapping of each journal – it’s all done by volunteers.

Everyone involved in Give a Girl a Journal is dedicated to being a force for good in the lives of girls everywhere!

  Why Are You Giving Girls Journals?

It is our dream at Give a Girl a Journal to put a journal in the hands of as many girls as we can around the world.  We believe that journals provide a space for every girl to have a conversation with her own heart.  It’s a place where she can capture her dreams, write about her feelings, or doodle and draw – whatever she wants.

When you give a girl a journal, you give her a safe place to to express her self, to find her own voice and to discover she is. When you give a girl a journal, you empower her.

Read about how this project got started here.

 Why Are You Focusing on Girls?

We’ve decided to focus this initiative on girls in part because it is women that over and over again speak to the power and impact that journaling has had on their lives (Hear their journal stories here).

We believe that everyone can benefit from keeping a journal and we encourage you to give journals to boys too. We also know that girls sometimes have a particularly hard time finding and strengthening their voice, especially in our fast-paced super-public social-media world. At Give a Girl a Journal we know that by giving girls a safe place to discover and express their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, they will grow into women who shine. And that, is going to make the world a better place for all of us.

 Who Runs Give a Girl a Journal?

Jamie Ridler is the founder Give A Girl a Journal and the director of Jamie Ridler Studios. As a creative living coach, she has helped thousands of people find the courage and confidence to bring their creativity to life.

Over the years she has discovered there is one creative tool that people turn to again and again, one that serves as a simple and stalwart companion through the ups and downs of life, a portable space in which to express and discover your self, your dreams and your voice: the journal.

Discover more about Jamie’s work here.

 How can I take part in Give a Girl a Journal, and pay it forward?

We’d love you to take part!

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Join the Circle of Give a Girl a Journal Supporters

You can set more journaling magic in motion!

  I still have questions.

Email your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for asking! Every question makes Give a Girl a Journal stronger.

Give a Girl a Journal is a Do-Good Initiative from