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Hey there!

Welcome to Give a Girl a Journal.

I’m guessing you’re here either because you’ve received a journal from us or because you’re interested in journaling. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Founder of Give a Girl a Journal

Journaling is awesome!

With just something to write with and something to write on you can do all kinds of things!

You can put things you want to remember in your journal, like what was the best thing you did this week or what is your absolute favourite song.

You can express your feelings – all of them – where nobody can hear you or judge you.

You can dream about things that you really, really want and if you don’t know what you want, journaling can help you figure it out.

You can draw in your journal.

You can write in your journal.

You can glue pictures you like or movie tickets in your journal.

You can colour in it or write poetry in it.

Anything goes!

It’s your journal and you can fill it up any way you like.

And because we know that journaling is so awesome, we want girls like you to have a journal and to be able to use one!

The Give a Girl a Journal Guide to Journaling

If you have a journal or you think you’d want one but don’t really know how to begin, don’t worry! Here is the Give a Girl a Journal Guide to Journaling.

It’s super easy to get started!


1. All you really need to journal is something to write with, something to write on.

2. Your journal is just for you. It’s a private spot where you can be, imagine, rant, create and say whatever you want to. This is a place for you to express the truth inside you. Whatever is in your heart and mind can find a home in your journal.

3. When it comes to your journal, anything goes. You can write in it, draw in it, glue in it. Whatever you like. This is your journal. There’s no way to get it wrong!

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