The time to be
the artist you are truly meant to be
is now.

At the centre of your soul there is a truth that you’ve always known, whether others could see it or not…

You are an artist at heart.

Maybe not a professional artist. But not a hobbyist either. It’s hard to describe where you fit. It’s hard to find where you belong.

But I know the answer and I’m here to point the way.

You, my friend, belong on the path of artistic devotion.

Your art, whatever the medium, whether it’s painting or dance or music or design or writing or pottery or photography, your art is at the centre of your life – or you want it to be.

Your art matters more than you can say.

It is essential, like breathing for your soul.

And yet..

And yet you struggle to get to it, struggle to find the time, the focus and the energy.

And the less you do, the more you are plagued by doubt, the more it seems like a cruel joke that you’ve been given the passion but not the path.

But the path is simple. Show up. Do the work.

Simple. Not easy.

Don’t take the ‘hard’ to mean that art isn’t meant for you. It is. Unequivocally, it is.

It won’t promise you a profession. It won’t promise cash on demand or millions of raving fans.

The only promise it will make is to meet your devotion with adventure, an unwavering promise of exploration and growth, a journey of a lifetime.

None of us can know where this creative adventure will take us. We only know that we are called to the path.

So the question is, “Will you answer the call? Will you spend this a season in Devotion?”


Instead of another season wishing you’d done more artwork…
Instead of worrying you’re running out of time…
Instead of trying to convince yourself (or others) that your art is worthy…

A summer powerfully immersed in your creative pursuit.


Instead of feeling bloated with ideas that never find expression…
Instead of spending your life on things that matter less…
Instead of waiting for permission…

You worked on your novel, your concerto, your documentary, your photo essay…
You dedicated yourself to your work, your real  work.


Instead of being that nice lady who likes art…
Instead of being that person who used to dance…
Instead of being someone who could have been, should have been an artist…

You unfurl into the artist you are meant to be.

How do I know? I have been called to the path myself.

Jamie Ridler - Creative Mentor

Like you, I am an artist at heart.

I have also never been an easy fit for the professional artistic world. My first love was dance but being an (almost) 5’4″ girl with curves did me no favours there. After giving up my dance dreams in favour of an English degree, I found theatre. Life breathed into me again. I loved the work and blossomed but struggled to be a part of a profession that opened the door to so few. I felt utterly defeated.

How could I be an artist in this world?

What set me free was coming to understand that my calling to the arts has nothing to do with the worldly concerns of a career. My soul wasn’t born with this passion so that someone else could determine whether I expressed it or not.  No one else gets to decide whether I dance or act or sing.

That is up to me – just as your art is up to you.

Knowing this, I became unwaveringly committed to my creative work, to expressing my artistic soul.  My relationship to my art has become unshakeable. This is not a hobby. I am not an amateur. I am devoted.

Choosing the path of artistic devotion changed my life. 

Devotion freed me from waiting for permission or approval. Devotion gave me the courage to follow my own heart and find my own way. It infuses my days with clarity and my life with purpose. It gives me the strength, confidence and certainty that comes from knowing exactly who I am and the integrity, freedom and joy that comes from making choices in alignment with my truest self. 

Devotion was the essential ingredient in this transformation. It led me to building a creative life and eventually a thriving business rooted in the very foundations of my artistic heart.

I am here to invite you to join me on the path.

Will You Join Me in Devotion?

Devotion is a deep dive into your creative work, an intimate intensive designed to set your inner artist free. 

In Devotion, you will establish a vision of yourself as an artist, design a program of study for the season and then focus on the main task at hand: creating with abandon. 

By the end of the program, steeped in weeks of work and wisdom, you will develop an artist statement, create a portfolio of the season and celebrate in an intimate and supportive showcase. 

Throughout this journey, you will have my support. I am an experienced writer and artist as well as an expert creative coach who has helped thousands of aspiring creatives find the confidence and courage to bring their creativity to life. You will also have the great benefit of being in a supportive circle of likeminded artists.

The relationship of an artist to their work holds an alchemical magic.  When you step into a season of deep devotion, you cannot help but be transformed.

Create a Vision: On the path of Devotion, you start with a map. You will ground yourself in knowledge of your current artistic self and then develop a vision of the artist you want to become.

Design Your Course of Study: With support, you will turn your vision into a doable devoted curriculum, establishing an inspiring and meaningful course of study to pour yourself into this season.

Create with Abandon: Once you have a vision and a plan, it is time to do the great and powerful work of immersing yourself in the dedicated creation of your art. This is where the magic truly happens.

Roots & Wings. On Mondays we will meet to celebrate your progress, deepen what you’ve learned and get you ready to keep creating in the week ahead. In Devotion, we will regularly tend your roots and your wings!

Support: The path of devotion is full of challenges for the artistic heart, from fear to sorrow to self-doubt. You won’t face these challenges alone.  You will be supported by a professional creative coach and an intimate group of artists traveling the same road.

Progress: With a season dedicated to your artwork, your confidence will grow as you become witness to your own magic. In the words of Vincent van Gogh “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Showcase: After a season devoted to your work, you will gather your work into a seasonal portfolio and create an artist’s statement rooted in your lived experience. In a spirit of celebration, you will share your work and what you have discovered about yourself as an artist to me and your fellow devotees.

Is Devotion for You?

Devotion is for the artist or aspiring artist who is ready to commit this summer to what deeply matters to them: creating their art.  It is for the creative who is no longer willing to put their artistic soul on hold, who is ready to say “Now is my time.”

This program is ideally suited to creatives of any medium who are far enough along in their artistic journey that they can choose a focus and generate ideas for projects and exploration.

For example:

  • “I’ve dabbled in watercolours and love it! I see a lot of people doing landscapes or still lifes but what I love is people! I would love to spend the season exploring watercolour portraits and seeing what I can learn. “
  • “I bought a guitar last year with dreams of writing and playing my own songs. Now and again I write ideas for lyrics in my journal but, to be honest, that guitar is collecting dust. Now when I hear music, it get teary. I need to have my turn to play.”
  • “I’ve been writing poetry off and on for years. I’ve had this idea of creating little chapbooks on a theme but I never seem to get around to it. I’d be so proud if I could actually make that happen!”

If you are at a stage where  you require artistic instruction and rely on teacher-led projects, now is not yet the time for you to step on this path. Keep learning. Keep growing. When you’re heart and ideas are ready to spring off the directed path, you’ll know it’s time.

Devotion is not a forum for developing a creative business. In this program you will lay deep foundations of self-knowledge and artistic wisdom as well as forging an unshakeable relationship with your art. These results will be invaluable if and when you choose to build a business on your creative work.

The Details

Devotion will begin in January with regular meetings on Monday afternoons at 1:00 pm EST.  ( We will also have several group coaching and co-working sessions throughout the season. (Complete schedule will be available when registration opens.)

Lay the Foundations
Week 1 Establish Vision
Week 2: Create Curriculum

Abundant Creation
Week 3-6 Fill Your Inspiration Well & Begin Abundant Creating

Pure Devotion
Week 7-10 Pour Your Creativity into  Project

Gather & Prepare
Week 11 Prepare for Artist Showcase

Artist Showcase
Week 12: Celebration Week. Share Your Work & Your Artist’s Statement

*Note: All of these gatherings take place on Zoom and will be recorded if you can’t make it.


  • Learn the 12 Principles of Devotion: Each week I will introduce you to a principle of devotion that will support you on the creative journey well beyond our time together.
  • Three Creative Coaching Sessions:  I will host three group coaching sessions in which you can get direct access to coaching on the the obstacles that come up when on the artistic journey.
  • Three Inspiring Co-Working Sessions: You don’t have to do it alone! We’ll have three opportunities to gather together, set a creative goal and dive in. This is fun and powerful way to make progress and celebrate together!
  • A Celebratory Artist Showcase: As we close our season of Devotion, we will come together and each of you will share highlights of the artwork you’ve created and insight into the artist you have become.

Are you ready for a Season of Devotion?

Devotion is an intimate and intensive program with limited enrollment. Your first step is to fill out the enrollment form. This process is an exercise in self-reflection and filling it in will give both you and me insight into your creative heart.

I will review all enrollment forms and respond to them in the order they are submitted. You may be invited directly to Devotion or asked to have a Zoom chat for more clarity around whether this program is a good fit for your current creative development. (Please note: the review process will begin the week of April 6. )

The current season of Devotion is in session.
Sign up for the waitlist for early notice of next season. 

PS I really want you to know that Devotion is not one of those programs where you sign up and are left to your own devices. I will be LIVE with you in the studio every week, offering decades of artistic experience and coaching to support you on this journey.



Apply by April 9th for a bonus one-on-one Coaching Call

If you complete the registration process for Devotion by April 9th you will receive a private one-on-one coaching session with me to be used any time before the end of the program! Call in the power of coaching to get yourself grounded at the beginning or through a hurdle on the way or to prepare for your artist showcase!

For almost 20 years I have been helping
aspiring, emerging and established artists
answer the call of their creative hearts.
Here are just a few stories from Devotion.

 It has forever changed my life exactly as I dreamed it might.

“Devotion has allowed me to pause and remember why I create. In all the busy-ness of life, and my life as an author-creator, I do do do and I forget to receive and  relax and enjoy the rituals of everything that I do, including my art. That is where my love of art exists. Not in the doing, but in the allowing and in the dance between my questions and my art’s perfect answers. Devotion is for me, about commitment to myself first. And then my craft. And then the to do’s within my craft.

Jamie’s uncanny ability to hear each voice in the circle in order to take them to themselves, and their art, is unparalleled. No one I have ever worked with hears my true voice, the voice I love and want to spend all my time with, like Jamie. I am forever grateful for any time in her presence. This investment has been invaluable to me. It has forever changed my life exactly as I dreamed it might.”

Adrea Peters

I am amazed at the shift in how I see myself as an artist and how I approach my work; truly, it is transformational for me. 

“When I first read Jamie’s thoughts and intentions for the Devotion program the concept immediately resonated with me. As an artist the love for my craft was real but I felt stuck creatively and didn’t know what to do to revitalize my perspective or the work itself. It’s still early in the program but I am amazed at the shift in how I see myself as an artist and how I approach my work; truly, it is transformational for me. 

Jamie has prepared a suite of tools that open new pathways of thinking and promote deep reflection. She is a skilled catalyst that understands the creative mind and heart. The Devotion environment is warm and deeply supportive. I wholeheartedly recommend Devotion to anyone who seeks to rekindle the magic within and move forward as an artist!

Anne Hallcom

I highly recommend Devotion to anyone looking for more clarity and the courage to make their dreams a reality.

“Last year, I attempted an at-home artist residency to work on my illustrated book.  While I made some headway, I was still completely unsure of my vision for my end result, and I certainly did not have a clear plan to get “there” (wherever that was). 

By the end of week 2 of Devotion, I was crystal clear on my project and even created a great working plan of exactly how to reach my goal.   I’m still totally amazed at how quickly that came together.  This is a supportive wise circle of creatives, and Jamie provides just the right amount of guidance plus tools to navigate the process.  I am now working daily on my book, and feel so free to simply create!

I highly recommend Devotion to anyone looking for more clarity and the courage to make their dreams a reality.

Sam Tucker

I am an artist and feel like one for the first time in my life. 

“I had a longing to connect with my art in a deeper more personal way. I have taken classes for thirty plus years in a variety of mediums but never really explored any one of them deeply. I rarely pushed myself beyond what I was comfortable with or what I had mastered. Devotion is my gift to myself to do just that, to go deeply into a medium that excites me but has never gotten a lot of my attention or effort.

In the first week of creating, I logged 9.25 hours in my studio “making”. I logged my goal and intention for each session, what I did, and then reflected on the work. Each day, I make sure I’m dressed, teeth brushed and a little makeup on, breakfast-ed, and house in order and get to my studio by 9am to work until noon or so. This is my “job” and one I love, so it’s fun to go to work. Artists show up and do the work. That’s what I’m doing! I am an artist and feel like one for the first time in my life. “

Claudia Needham

What will you be saying
after a season of Devotion?