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Interested in being a part of Creative Living with Jamie?

We’re so excited that you’re interested in volunteering and becoming a part of our transcription team. It’s wonderful to have your help in creating our podcast collections – delicious compilations of creative living inspiration!

Before Joining the Team…

Download and read the Transcription Team Guide (includes welcome, sample, badge & style guide)

To Claim Your Episode…

  • Choose from the episodes we are currently working on.
  • Be sure you can get the transcripts in by the deadline or sooner.
  • Sign up in the comments below for the one episode you would most like to transcribe. (If you list multiple episodes, only the first one on your list will be considered claimed)
  • Important: Be sure to read all of the comments to be sure that someone has not already claimed the episode. We want to be sure there’s no duplication of effort!

A Thank You

  • If your transcript is accepted, your name and a link to your site or blog will accompany the episode you transcribed in our podcast collections (e.g. This episode transcribed by Shannon Ridler of planetshannon).
  • You will also receive an e-copy of your season’s bundle for free!
  • You’ll have a special spot in the hearts of the Creative Living with Jamie team!
  • Plus, you could win…

Send your episode(s) in before February 14th and you could win Transcription Treasure!

For each transcript you hand in that is accepted between now and February 14th,
you will be entered into a draw to win Transcription Treasure!
(one transcript = 1 entry, 10 transcripts = 10 entries)

We’re Currently Working On the Following Episodes…

Season 17

  • Alessandra Cave, photogapher (28:50)(get episode)
  • Dionne Ruff-Sloan, tea priestess & Natural Rhythms creation coach (28:19)(get episode)
  • Sunny Schlenger, author & flow master (32:30)(download)
  • Podaversary 5:0 (1:05:00)(get episode)(Note: Counts for two entries!!)
  • CLAIMED! Rachael Maddox, coach & poet (25:56)(get episode)
  • Kate Wolfe-Jenson, writer & creativity celebrant (28:49)(get episode)
  • Hali Karla. writer & artist (23:26) (get episode)
  • Juli Lyons, photographer (29:21) (get episode)

Season 16

  • Julie Gibbons, artful self-help teacher & Mandala Magic geometer (33:19)(get episode)
  • Dan Millman & Sierra Prasada, authors of The Creative Compass (21:59)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Ronna Detrick, speaker, writer & sacred conversationalist (29:00) (get episode)
  • Jill Salahub, writer & wholehearted practitioner (26:44)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Tina Welling, author (24:24)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Natalie Goldberg, poet, painter & teacher(23:55)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Lisa Congdon, artist & illustrator (34:00)(get episode)
  • Mason Currey, writer & editor (27:11)(get episode)
  • Tammy Garcia, mixed media artist (22:31)(get episode)
  • Pamela Slim, author, business coach & speaker (30:22)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Jennifer Lee, author of the Right-Brain Business Plan (30:56)(get episode)
  • Just Jamie: What is creative living anyway? (7:30)(get episode)
  • Just Jamie: Creative Practice & Creative Projects (7:20)(get episode)
  • Just Jamie: Values, Focus Areas & Priorities (7:30)(get episode)

Season 15

  • Barbara Abercrombie (26:35)(get episode)
  • Just Jamie: Finding Your Dream, Your Work, Your Way (7:27)(get episode)
  • Just Jamie: What to Do When You’re Discouraged (9:06)(get episode)

Season 14

  • CLAIMED! Eric Maisel, author & creativity coach (27:52)(get episode)

Season 11

  • CLAIMED! Flora Bowley, painter & online instructor (30:51)(get episode)

Season 12

  • CLAIMED! Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project (30:21)(get episode)

Season 10

  • Marney Makridakis, author & founder of Artellaland (29:20)(get episode)

Season 9

  • Pixe Cambpell, artist, mama and crafter on a medicine path (23:30)(get episode)
  • Alison Gresik, fiction writer & coach (25:30)(get episode)
  • Susan Piver, writer and Buddhist teacher of meditation (28:20)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way (26:50)(get episode)

Season 8

  • Tara Mohr, writer & personal growth teacher (29:25)(get episode)

Season 6

  • Laura Hollick, artist & founder of Soul Art (29:15)(get episode)
  • CLAIMED! Amy Palko, writer, academic & spiritual seeker (27:45) (get episode)

Season 05

  • Kimberly Wilson, writer, do-gooder & entrepreneur (27:54)(get episode)
22 replies
  1. Emma Stickley
    Emma Stickley says:

    Hi – what a lovely idea this is. I am so excited to have the chance to help you out! Please could I have a go at transcribing Jen Lee from season 16?

    This sounds like something that would really help me to connect in an awesome way with the words – love the podcast!

    Emma :)

  2. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I’d like to claim the Natalie Goldberg episode! I’m so glad that changes in my life have allowed there to be time to help with this project. I have loved your podcast for years!


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