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Sharing Our Journal Stories: Andrea Schroeder

In support of Give a Girl a Journal, which launches February 14th, I’ve invited some of my dear friends and colleagues to share their personal experience with journaling.

Today I am so happy to share with you the journal story of Andrea Schroeder, creative life coach and founder of Creative Dream Incubator. I always think Andrea makes magic in her journals, and you’ll see why! She gives us a bit of a peek into her pages – what a delight! Andrea knows that journaling can bring us home to ourselves. What a gift to give a girl!

You can find out more about Andrea at Creative Dream Incubator and on her YouTube channel.

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  1. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Oh. . . my. . . those words “coming home to myself” really resonated with me. A journal truly is like a home, isn’t it? Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your amazing journal pages with us.
    Jamie, I am dazzled by your opening and closing images for these videos – magical indeed!*~*~*~*~*


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