Circe's Circle at Jamie Ridler Studios

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Circe’s Circle is…

  • is an intimate 10-week coaching telecircle that provides a supportive and encouraging environment that nurtures your dreams by helping you bring a creative project to life
  • provides a powerful structure for moving you forward towards your creative dreams
  • is rich with discussion, insight, brainstorming, visualization, creative exercises, laughter and connecting
  • is limited to 7 participants so everyone gets a chance to share and to receive support and encouragement weekly
  • takes place over the phone, so you can participate from anywhere in the world
  • is magic

Circe’s Circle is Ideal for People Who…

  • are ready to stir up their creative juices and get into action
  • want to start or make fresh progress on a creative project that is close to their heart. Whether it’s a blog, a book or a business, Circe’s Circle is the ideal place to make progress on your creative dream.
  • are aching for regularly scheduled time for themselves
  • haven’t a clue what their creative project is but know they want one
  • are tired of going it alone
  • want to connect with a community of independent, creative dreamers and believers
  • You!

Each & Every Call, You Will…

  • Activate your connection with your self, your project and a group of creative, loving, supportive women.
  • Have dedicated time for your dreams. Your project gets personal attention every single time.
  • Receive personal creative coaching from me. If you’ve been in other programs, you know how rare this is. In Circe’s Circle you have my personal attention every single week.
  • Gain tools and strategies that will guide you in creating the next project and the next and the next, skills that will last you a lifetime.
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. Everyone has the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, inspirations and suggestions, when welcomed.
  • Share the journey so you learn not only from your own experience and the content of the program but also through hearing from other creatives, the strategies they’re using, the learning they’re applying, the things that have worked for them and the things that they’re leaving behind. This will move you forward exponentially!

Call 1: Connection & Clarity

During our first call we will focus on getting to know ourselves, one another and each project in the circle. In the Circe’s Circle viewfinder, you will discover more about your project than you’ve ever known before.

Call 2: Casting

We’ll cast forward into the future, connecting your project to your big dreams and invoking the magic of visioning.

Call 3: Touchstones (part 1)

We will name and identify key touchstones that have personal meaning to you, powerful tools for affirming you are on the right path and moving towards your dreams.

Call 4: Touchstones (part 2)

We will spend more time with these guiding principles so you feel deeply grounded and connected to what you most value on this journey.

Call 5: Self-Nourishment

As creative people, we build our dreams from our very selves. Learning to nourish ourselves is a crucial step in bringing our dreams to life.

Call 6: Course Check

At the midway mark, we stop and take note of all that has been accomplished thus far, make any course corrections that need to be made and set our sites on what we’ll be celebrating at the end of the circle.

Call 7: Body Wisdom

Our body is one of our greatest resources. We’ll learn how to connect to the body’s wisdom and ask for its guidance in moving forward with our project.

Call 8: Your Magnificent Self (part 1)

A magical thing happens as you bring your project to life, who you are as a creator starts to become clearer. We’ll discover what makes you uniquely, magnificently you

Call 9: Your Magnificent Self (part 2)

Confidence comes from knowing, believing in and acting upon your authentic self. We’ll continue to discover, draw on and develop your connection to the truth and beauty of your magnificent self.

Call 10: Celebration

Celebration is just the right way to open the circle! We will acknowledge all that you’ve learned, all you’ve created, how far you’ve come and what’s next. You’ll leave the circle with a toolkit full of dream strategies ready to take on all the amazing ideas, opportunities and projects that are sure to unfold!

The circle will have its own Facebook group where you can connect and share throughout the week. You’ll be able to share photos, celebrations, struggles, ideas. It’s a beautiful home base for you and your dreams.

Circe’s Circle is certified organic…

By that I mean that the content grows out of the organic soil of each circle. At my discretion one or some of these topics may be swapped out to make room for other topics that are deeply relevant to the group.

The Next Circle…

There are only 7 spots so if you’re feeling this circle is for you, fill out your enrollment package and email it to Jamie (details within the package).

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00 pm EST
Schedule: The Fall Circle 2016 Sept 27, Oct 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Connect:  Call in to the teleconference from anywhere in the world.  We use an American bridgeline, so if you have a US long-distance plan, you’re covered. People often also call in using Skype.
Investment: $750 for the series plus any long-distance charges that may apply. You can pay in installments of $250, $250 and $250.
Participants: This group is limited to 7 participants. Is one spot for you?

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What Circe’s Circle Alumnae Say…

Letter to My Last-Year Self

Dear One-Year-Ago Shelley,

I see you. I see you with your headphones on–folding clothes–listening to Creative Living with Jamie. You hear the guests talking about living their creative dreams, and I watch how hard it is for you to breathe with all of the longing. You look out the window in despair and wonder if it will EVER happen for you. You don’t even know what your creative dream is–but you have heard the call.

I see you frantically looking for the missing formula–what do the guests on the show have that you don’t? You try to find the right teacher, method, technique, self-help book, therapist, spiritual path. You watch YouTube videos on art journaling techniques and listen to more podcasts. You sign up for newsletters and take online classes.

I see your deep-down fear, Shelley. You are afraid–so afraid that you have missed your chance; that you are too old; that it is just too late for you. Then you hear Jamie talking on the podcast about Circe’s Circle and the yearning to live your life differently hits you so hard, it buckles your knees.

Hear me when I say that your dreams are worth the investment. Hear me when I say that you already have everything you need inside of you to live your creative, authentic life. It is time for you to be brave and step into the Circle. I promise it is going to change your life.

Your-Magnificent-Today-Self Shelley

Shelley Noyes participated in a Winter session of Circe’s Circle and soon after taught her first art journaling workshop in her local community. Circe’s Circle did indeed change her life.

Applying to Circe’s Circle felt like a creative dare.

I wanted to claim my creative life and, at the same time, I felt very timid about it. As soon as Jamie gathered us in that first Circle, I felt like I was in the right place. Even though each of us brought different stories and dreams with her, I recognized my own journey as I listened to others in the group.

Each week Jamie brought new content and tools that could help us move further and deeper. The others helped me show up, get it done, celebrate my successes and move through stuck places. Together, we created a safe space for dreams to incubate and hatch. I’m excited to see them move out into the world.

Thank you Jamie and thank you Women of Time.

Kate Wolfe-Jenson

Circe’s Circle felt like a nurturing cocoon for my dream.

Knowing that I had that kind of support and encouragement helped me face the many fears that came up along the way. It also kept me on track and moving forward. Even though I love everything about ABCcreativity – there is still a lot of hard work to be done and scary fears to be faced. With Jamie’s coaching and the support and encouragement of the other amazing women I would get all inspired and fed and fueled which kept me moving along the path.

Since the circle ended, I have been feeling more and more grounded in my dreams and more and more calm about leaving my job and trusting my creativity to support me completely. Everything is coming together. That is such an incredible gift.

One thing I learned in the circle was that my values had changed since the last time I really looked at them. The work we did with values helped me align my business with my values with felt like aligning my business with my heart. This helped me to really feel how anything is possible when I am in alignment with my own heart and values. This also helps make business decisions way simpler and easier to make. I also learned that I am more ready than I think I am.

Circe’s Circle really helped me to move through my fears and doubts and fully step into the dream and really know and trust that I can do this. That is the best feeling in the world. Thank you so much Jamie and everyone in the group. Each of you inspired me and fed me. I had a lot of fears and uncertainties come up during Circe’s Circle and having you all hearing me and supporting me through it has meant the world to me. And to anyone reading this who is feeling called to join Circe’s Circle – I really want to encourage you to listen to that call.

Andrea Schroeder

It is rare to have a place to share your innermost wishes, desires and fears and have them met with unconditional support.

Circe’s Circle was a place where everyone believed that whatever I wanted was possible and that support made me better. My time as a part of Circe’s Circle was truly profound and life changing.

This Circle, has given me some of that fearless ‘believe in myself’ stuff. Picking up the paints was big. Writing was big. All the stuff and all the exploration, it has made me believe in myself, made me believe that it’s possible. And I’m also starting to get that it is a Process in figuring out how to make it work, how to ride the waves of the up and down energy, keep the mind calm, keep the juices flowing, be a friend and have time for yourself, be honest and be kind, be who you really are when you don’t know her yet..all that…it’s a process.

And when you sit down to write or paint or draw or create something that wasn’t there before and the whole of the thing stands up behind you to support and move and cajole and nurture and focus and press and pull and love and give you the energy for sustained effort … and then…. you are dropped back into the rolling waves to find the next swell to ride…

What I learned thru Circe’s Circle is to trust in My Process, in My Rhythm, trust that what I want is Possible, trust in Myself, trust in Support, trust that I can Move Forward Toward my Best Self. And I’m totally serious when I say that I Trust Now in a way that I didn’t before I joined the Circle.

Good stuff this being fearless…even when I’m afraid….good stuff

I Found My Rhythm.

Kim LeClair

Being a part of Circe’s Circle has had a tremendous impact on how I look at my work life.

Before joining, I knew that I wanted to somehow combine my working life with my art and have more fun in this area of my life. I had hit a wall as a trauma therapist and wasn’t having fun. Now I have a clear idea of what I can offer and how I can do it. I now have many ideas about how to expand this area. I am having more fun!

It felt as if I were in a box before, with no windows and doors. Since joining Circe’s Circle, I now have a door and through it is fun, play, colors, shapes, excitement and opportunities. I am proud that I went from not knowing how I was going to put more fun in my work life to creating a workshop, writing the curriculum, buying the supplies, advertising, making a website for it — the whole shebang. I am leaving with confidence that I share my gifts. I am also leaving with tools that Jamie taught us that I can use anytime.

I stumbled upon Jamie’s video on the last day to sign up, and what she was saying resonated with me. It wasn’t anything in particular. I didn’t hesitate. I just emailed Jamie and signed up. What a life-changing decision! So my advice is sign up if there is any part of you wanting to join Circe’s Circle, even if you don’t know what’s going to happen or have an idea about what you want to work on. Jamie was the most wonderful guide on this journey. She exuded warmth, enthusiasm and wisdom. She held the space for dreaming my dreams and making them come true.

Moe Clancy

Circe’s Circle helped me to clarify what my project really was, I ended unfolding a project I was putting on hold for months (if not more) : my book.

This was the big « DUH » moment for me because I wasn’t expected it at all when we started, I thought my project was more oriented on getting my artwork noticed and selling it eventually.

Having weekly calls is what helped us to keep going. We check in with everyone, telling what we did regarding our goal(s), celebrating our achievements small and huge, supporting each other with love and non-judgement. It’s amazing how having to tell someone else during this week – here is what I have accomplished – is a booster to actually do something, even a tiny step. And when we didn’t, it’s okay because Jamie always finds a way to turn it into something positive, with fresh eyes. A big part of what helped me was the coaching.

During Circe’s Circle, I learned that I can achieve any goal I set to myself as long as it goes along with my values. It’s like I needed a confirmation « yes, you can do it, it’s not too big for you, too crazy » or whatever negative thought you can have when you have this dream burning inside of you and fear sticks to your skin.

I also have the confirmation that I shouldn’t be afraid to shine from this bright colourful light I know is inside of me. And that this is this light that guides my hands when I paint and create something to release to the World. I learned that I am a Magnificent being and that it is not a bad thing, or a pretentious saying as I also see the magnificence in everyone.

I’d love you, who reads these words, to know that it can be intimidating to sign-up for Circe’s Circle. Talking on the phone with people you don’t know yet, not knowing exactly what will happen during the 10-week coaching etc. but it is part of the Magic. Because Magic DOES happen during Circe’s Circle. And strong bonds are created with wonderful women.

Jamie is amazing, she knows exactly the question to ask to help you to go deeper and further without pressuring ; she is kind, her heart is huge and her soul is bright. You won’t regret investing time and money in your dream with her.

Nolwenn Petitbois

I was full of emotion the other day thinking of the healing power of Jamie’s voice and her podcasts that I’ve listened to for a few years.

I’ve cooked while listening to her, walked my dog while tuning in, gone on road trips while being inspired by her and all the artists she invites to her show.

When I heard that there was a space open in the winter session of Circe’s Circle, I felt a bit timid, but I knew it was the next step for me. I wanted to be part of a group of women who were working towards their artistic goals, and wanted a feeling of community.

I never could have known how much I’d get out of this ten weeks with Jamie’s coaching and inspiration. Her voice and laughter alone are contagious. She is thoughtful and her visualizations powerful, and her questions to each of us, very thought-provoking and deep.

I am so grateful to Jamie for creating this beautiful circle and sharing her magic with us.

Carolyn Eicher

 Jamie is just the type of person I needed in my life right now.

She is not only extremely intelligent, but deeply intuitive as well. She is grounded, inspiring, receptive, energizing, and wonderful in just too many ways to count. Jamie challenges me to put myself out into the world in ways that I might not have thought of on my own. She has been like an angel on my shoulder reminding me when to acknowledge all that I have accomplished, when to rest, and when to give myself that extra nudge forward. Jamie helped me to visualize and make room for the woman that is my truest and happiest self. I began Circe’s Circle just as I was starting to take the first steps in realizing my dream of becoming a full-time artist. Circe’s Circle has been a tremendous jumpstart in turning my artistic dreams into a reality. I will be forever thankful that Jamie became such an important person to me during this incredibly transformative time in my life.

Thank you, Jamie. Deeply. I have loved every minute of growing within the sacred space of Circe’s Circle.

Jessie Marianiello

Circe’s Circle helped me to earth my big ideas in products and services that will make a genuine difference to the way people approach their lives and their spirituality.

It helped me to realize that so many of the limiting beliefs that I held about myself were completely unfounded. And it helped me to take each of the strands of my identity, and weave them into a beautiful fabric that I feel proud to share with the world.

I learned that I’m not the airy fairy that I had always believed I was.  That I’m much more grounded, productive, and practical that I have ever gave myself credit for. I also learned that one of the ways that I nurture myself is the wearing of red lipstick. I’ve been wearing it ever since.

Circe’s Circle has completely changed the way that I think of myself and the ways in which I connect with the world. It’s given me the tools to create a project that I can invest my whole self in. It’s helped me see myself clearly, perhaps for the very first time.

I want to celebrate not only my own achievements, but also the achievements of all the women in our magical circle. Connecting to form the circle with these beautiful souls on a weekly basis has been one of my absolute highlights of the year. And I will continue to celebrate with them for many years to come.

Amy Palko

I have so many interests that it’s impossible to decide on one, so I’m looking for ways to bring it all together, to create a more integrated life of art, or art of life.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to be focused and feel like I’m making progress, so I came to Circe’s Circle looking to concentrate on creating a body of work. My intention was to more fully enter my power as a performer (musician/multi-form performing artist), expand my experience in composing, and make progress on creating a body of work and putting it out in the world.

Being in the circle helped me see that pursuing my creative dreams is a natural part of my life. It gave me new ways to look at some of our shared challenges: gremlins, honoring our own creative energy rhythms and cycles, knowing what we value and making choices that honor those values, and learning to trust our own inner messages. There’s power in sharing. I loved that in the circle we could inspire one another, cheer each other on, offer ideas and celebrate achievements. On my own I tend to forget to celebrate achievements, as I’m always looking toward the next thing I need to do, but taking time in the circle to let achievements sink in helped me believe in myself and see that I’m really moving forward.

I have a habit of downplaying my strengths and feeling stuck because I lack this skill or that quality, but I learned that in reality I’ve got plenty of resources to bring to creating the life I dream of. One major “aha” moment was realizing a long-held pattern of “waiting for permission” was holding me back, and even making me miserable because it violated seven of my top ten values. Talk about not being yourself! Trying out its opposite, I found my thoughts and creative ideas were welcomed and I simply felt greater ease in being able to put things out there without bottling them up. I’d been hiding my power, but now there’s no turning back. So often, social fears can keep us from offering more and getting more in life. I learned that claiming my own magnificence can be powerful and inspiring to others, while hiding my light stifles the possibility of offering more positive energy and gifts to the world.

The magic of Circe’s Circle! During our ten weeks together I was finally able to fully acknowledge and appreciate the body of work I’ve already produced, create new work in collaboration with others, and begin the journey of creating more work on my own. Miraculously, an opportunity to be profiled by an independent television program surfaced, giving me a great excuse to look back at my creative life and let those past artistic achievements truly sink in. Also, I co-composed music for a play mounted at the New York Fringe Fest, another opportunity that also magically surfaced after joining the circle. During the weeks of rehearsal and collaborative creation I had a chance to practice what we talked about each week in the circle, and ultimately the play’s success also gave me some solid evidence I could use to battle those nasty gremlins lurking in my head. During this period I also entered a new creative world, performing for the first time as more than a musician – combining improvised movement, spoken word, throat singing and violin playing in a duet with the inspiring Mark Lamb. I’m celebrating much more than I’d expected to!

I’m optimistic about moving forward, making more art and creating the life I’ve dreamed of. Circe’s Circle has given me a huge boost in self-confidence. It has already helped me create more powerfully and I just feel in my bones that I’m more prepared for any new opportunities and challenges in my journey. Jamie has created a wonderful, nurturing, safe and powerful place for helping dreams come to life. I’d definitely recommend it.

Helen Yee

I had no idea what to expect joining Circe’s Circle. I just had this one thing that I kept wanting to do, but for some reason couldn’t get it done on my own.

So, I joined, and was left with much more than expected. Yes, you will cry, you will laugh, you will be confused, you may get angry, but it will all be worth it when you reach your goals.

You will be a part of a group of unique and varied women from all over, and you will grow together in ways you never thought you would grow. You will see in them pieces of yourself…strong, vulnerable, unsure, and always open…and these moments will leave you changed.

You will be guided by a gentle woman, who only wants you to get where you are going. With her gentle nudges you sometimes get to places you didn’t even think you were needing to go.

It’s just what happens in the circle…It’s pretty magical.

Julie Rorrer

I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to join Circe’s Circle, but my intuition knew better.

Over the course of the 10 weeks, I shifted from having a pretty narrow idea of a product I was creating to becoming crystal clear on my whole business, including a number of highly relevant new products to come. I moved from asking non-stop questions of my self to being in a place of action. I discovered new friends and developed more fully into my own skin. I’d do it all over again tomorrow!

There is great power in the magic generated by circles of women. No matter what you want to bring to life, the sacred connection in Circe’s Circle gives you wings. Being witnessed just as you are, even when you are at your most vulnerable can help you move mountains.

If you’re swithering about joining Jamie’s Circle, just do it! Most especially if you’re not sure why.

Julie Gibbons

Jamie’s magical guidance and fun creative exercises brought clarity to my path forward.

My world was infused with self-trust and love and encouragement from the Women of the Crane, our circle.

The lives of the Women of the Crane became intertwined with mine in a beautiful braid of support, love and encouragement for one another and I will be forever grateful for the time we spent together. Jamie says that the “just right women” always join each circle and I know I’ve experienced this. I’m excited, too, that the Women of the
Crane plan to continue our circle together and support each other as we move along our journey.

If you’ve been thinking this might be right for you, follow your intuition. You won’t be disappointed. It is an awesome experience. Thanks, Jamie.

Lisa DeYoung

I’m a very big believer in intention.  While my intention going into Circe’s Circle was to create a new series of workshops and classes, what transpired just about blew me out of the water.

I need for you to know what a big deal this is… this feeling.  I’ve been a seeker my entire life.  I awoke to my spiritual path twelve years ago and I am constantly challenging myself with things that will “Blow me out of the water.”  And while I am often challenged and feel myself grow, I feel right now like a fledgling whose feathers haven’t even dried yet, even though it’s been just 24 hours since our final “Celebratory” phone circle.

I feel spent.  Tired, confused, elated, buoyant, disoriented… but beautifully fulfilled.  What I have considered “My” project is now nestling within the world wide web… ready to become “Everyone’s” project and I hope it will.

Here is my disclaimer about Circe’s Circle… Enter at your own risk.  The reasons you arrive may not look even remotely like the reasons for which you are still there at the end.  Here’s how I have come to see it: When I was looking down the arrow-shaft at the bull’s eye on the target, my entire world became focused.  Very clearly I was able to see the bow and arrow in my hands, as well as the target at the other end of the field.  Over a ten-week period while in Circe’s Circle, I began to see the world around my focus, not as a blur, but as a Super-Collider, or magnet generator where everything that did not cohese with my current intentions was detached and flung away from me forever, while everything I wanted to create in my life, all of the positive attributes I was working so hard to embody were not only being drawn in to me, but have now fused and merged to create a “Bionic Woman” version of myself… truly – I feel as though Circe’s Circle has helped me to grow into more of the person I was always looking for, knew was there, but just couldn’t find the right key for unlocking the door that would let her arrive.


Circe’s Circle helped me make the progress that I wanted to make on my book, but even more valuable was the emotional support of such insightful and creative women.

I came away with new ways of thinking about my work and myself that help me stay in or return to the relaxed, accepting, trusting state that’s best for my creativity. I came away trusting myself more in all areas of my life.”

Kelly Besecke

As a solo business owner, working alone, Circe’s Circle created a warm, inviting place and time to connect with other women to share ideas, projects, and ourselves.

The group provided space to gain support and build upon our strengths. My goal in joining the circle was to gain clarity around my creative and business ideas. What I came away with was a certainty that I wanted to write more, and this year is dedicated to that process.

Being a part of each Circe’s Circle’s sisters journey, witnessing their growth and expansion, inspired me to create and step out of my comfort zone even more.

I learned that I get more accomplished than I thought I did. Taking time to celebrate each week helped me to honor creativity, my work and myself. Celebrating was my favorite part of the process and I’ve incorporated it into my weekly planning time. I also learned my internal rhythm of creating and that the brewing time of ideas is as important as the outcome or finished project.

If you are considering joining Circe’s Circle, gift yourself with this time and space to be in a supportive circle. With Jamie’s gentle, supportive and wise guidance and the magic the energy a circle creates, you’ll leave with a back pack full of rich resources to encourage your journey.

Susan Cadley

I went into Circe’s Circle thinking I had a pretty good idea what my goals were. Within a few calls, however, I realized what I most needed work on in my life was creating the best ground for my creative life.

It became more about building a solid foundation out of which any of my dreams and goals could flow.

One of the biggest gifts the Circle gave me was the circle itself. Jamie is such a gifted facilitator and coach. I was continually surprised by her creative twists and turns, reframing something I felt stuck on and making me feel like I could do anything I wanted to do. She is loving, empathetic, magical, and funny. I quickly grew to love all the women in the group and felt so unconditionally held and supported by each of them. It was something I so looked forward to each week. They continue to be an important part of my life.

The Circle also gave me the gift of identifying my core values. Finding out what my most important value in life is has been huge for me, and a constant, daily reminder of what to tune into. I also had the amazing opportunity to meet and connect with my future self. It is a conversation that is so meaningful to me, and has become a constant resource in my life.

If you are on the fence about joining the Circle, but feel a small voice inside urging you ahead, I hope you’ll take the leap and join! I highly recommend it.

Julie Daugherty

Circe’s Circle gave me the opportunity to give myself space and time to dream and get support for my dreams.

  • A chance to play with some ideas about what to do next, without feeling bound to any of them, or disappointed that I haven’t quite finalized my plan(s)!
  • Support for the idea of taking time for ME every day, whatever that looks like.
  • Support for creating sacred creating time/space.
  • A feeling of calm, clear, content focus.
  • A chance to take what I’ve learned about myself over the years and apply it in ways that use the best of myself.
  • A vision of a business that integrates my values and pleasures.
  • A chance to reflect on my values, awesome uniqueness, skills, personality.
  • Lots of creative energy, and a chance to open myself up to a broader definition of creating.

If you’re worried that you haven’t quite figured out your project, join the circle anyway! The exercises Jamie leads you through are a great path to clarity — and “trying on” possibilities to see how they feel is encouraged!

Polly Washburn

Circe’s Circle helped me to embrace my sense of self.

I struggled with it in the past, & in struggling with it, I found it hard to keep my creative ventures on track. During the circle, I discovered that I really care about people; that I love & need time alone to reflect; that I love creative collaborations & the collective creative energy of a group; that I am really passionate & devoted to my work; that I am more outspoken then I thought I was; that I really love to write on my blog to express my feelings. I really-really love it.

I’m probably most proud of the act that I signed up for Circe’s Circle when I didn’t think I had the money. That took so much courage. But I’m also proud of the fact that I pushed myself to take risks with my work. I continued to try things that I felt were new or challenging. This is where I really saw my growth in Circe’s Circle.

Circe’s Circle passes quickly. The weeks literally fly by. I looked forward to the group call every week. During the calls I felt my growth as an artist & as a human being, I also felt & heard the transformation of others in the group, it was amazing to witness. By the end of Circe’s Circle we were all in a much better place.

Aimee Cavenecia

I came to Circe’s Circle battered, broken and stuck after a year of personal and professional upheaval. I had lost my creative fire.

The one thing I knew for sure was that until I re-kindled that flame, I would not move forward in any meaningful way.

Within a few weeks the embers started to glow and in the sacred, safe and nurturing space of Circe’s Circle, I began to fan my creative flame. With the support of Jamie and the other beautiful women in my group I was able to relax, heal and reconnect with my Creative Soul.

For maybe the first time in my life, I let go of the outcome. I didn’t demand to know how my project would look or give it a deadline. I simply invited creativity back into my life and work, listened to my intuition and let the vision grow. Over the course of Circe’s Circle I completely re-imagined my business and started to build a new foundation for the work I love. I found my confidence. I found my passion again. And I found my creative wings!

The most important thing I learned during our 10 weeks together is that when I stop chasing the vision, sit still and listen to what it has to tell me … the right and perfect path will appear. I don’t need to control every step, I just need to keep walking.

If you have a creative project, or dream of having one, you won’t find a more loving, supportive place to create it than Circe’s Circle.

Jackie Cunningham

My project for Circe’s Circle surrounded starting my own business doing web design.

During the session, I was pretty sure I needed to NOT start this business, but continued with ideas, etc. I had a lot of upheaval and stress in my personal life, and having the support of the group during that time was invaluable. I realized a lot of ideas, but also didn’t put pressure on myself to achieve these goals. Well, to my surprise, my goals are now happening, about a year later! My business exists, and I am an independent web designer!

Tammy Durham

I highly recommend Circe’s Circle.

Jamie is a magical, knowledgeable, and gifted guide who facilitates powerful, creative exercises and provides spot-on, intuitive questions and comments in a loving, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere with like-minded women.

It was a profound journey that I am so grateful to have had and an experience you will not want to miss.

Jodi Crane

When I signed up for Circe’s Circle, I knew it would be exactly what I needed, but I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

It was immediately evident, however, that kindred spirits landed in the circle together.  Though different projects brought us there, the themes running through each of our stories were uncannily similar – creating a strong bond and safe community for sharing.

Jamie has the ability to hear the unspoken longings and gently ask questions that rock your world!  I came to Circle’s Circle for clarity surrounding my in-progress book, and throughout this ten week coaching discovered my book is just the beginning of a larger creative vision that is unfolding.

A most delightful byproduct of the work we did in the circle is that I started making transformative changes in other areas of my life – changes that leave me feeling more authentic, creative and alive!   If you are ready to stir things up and get a new perspective on a project, vision – or your life, I highly recommend Circe’s Circle.

Sam Tucker

Jamie Ridler is an amazing blend of tenderness and firecracker when it comes to supporting you in your creative dreams.

I highly recommend this intimate and powerful program to anyone who wishes to nourish and support their creativity this season. Thank you Jamie!

Danette Relic

I have to say, this was life changing.

I am so thankful to the universe that I was part of this last fall! Jamie is a goddess! I came to Circe’s Circle because I felt I needed help discovering my dissertation research topic. I felt that I had the inspiration within me, but could not give birth to it without help.

During the course of the calls, I learned about myself. I learned to get in touch with my future self. I learned to say no to the negative influences in my life, the activities that were taking up too much of my time. I learned that saying no could be fun. I was inspired to write a novel during the NaNiWriMo event. I was inspired to paint again. I was teaching more classes than ever before this semester and discovered I could still make time for the things that were important to me. As I learned to take care of myself and my dreams, I also learned to connect with other people better. I was able to come up with an amazing dissertation topic and the strength within myself to be confident that I can succeed in this research. It helps to know that this is coming from my heart and that it is going to be part of making my own dreams come true. Even though the other women in the circle had very different goals, we all found the same inspiration and strength in our journey together.

Jamie’s insightful leadership was what made this happen. She kept us on task, helped us find appropriate homework that helped us with our own goals, and created activities that uniquely shaped this journey. I grew to love everyone in the circle and I would recommend Jamie’s skills as a coach to anyone aspiring to make their dreams come true.

Alli Vainshtein

Dreamers, seekers, secret corporate creatives, and anyone who seeks the adventure of excavating their most cherished desires in a circle of safety, support, filled with only the best intentions…hear your dreams calling you.

It is time to give them the attention they beg for – no longer uninvited guests or neglected stepchildren of careers who pop into your mind from time to time only to be ignored. Their message is for you to use every bit of that big heart you have. Learn to mine your strength while those around you marvel at what you’re up to.

Dale Power

What will you be saying?

Let the Magic Begin

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